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Members of the University community should respond to the daily VitalCheck prompt at least 30 minutes prior to entering campus.

User Services & Desktop Support Work Plan

This work plan is subject to change.

User Support Offices
Work procedures for staff in Dealy lower level offices and Lowenstein rooms LL312 and LL314 are as follows: 

The front door in the Dealy lower level and all main rooms will remain locked. All Dealy staff must provide their cell number to any expected guest and be available to receive them.

Clorox wipes and lysol spray will be provided in various locations throughout the office. 
All desk and surfaces must be cleared in order to clean areas often and quickly.
Single-use items in breakout rooms will be used.  

Technicians in the field and receiving their visit
Technicians will service office equipment in the field by appointment only.

Staff receiving a visit from a technician must be prepared to leave their office or cubicle once the technician is on site to adhere to six feet of social distancing safety measures. Everyone must wear a mask. Gloves are recommended. If a client is not wearing a mask, the technician is not allowed to work in that area. 

Technicians in the field must wear gloves and masks, and, if desired, face shields.

Before a technician begins working on a ticket, they should wipe down any equipment (laptop, computers, keyboards, tablets, etc.), tables and/or desk to assure the area is disinfected for their safety. 

After completing the service ticket, whether the equipment is located in the IT department or at another location, all equipment must be wiped down with disinfectant wipes. 

If the equipment is in the IT department, the technician must make an appointment with the owner to retrieve the item.
Staff work schedule 
Technicians will follow a rotating work schedule and will work on-site every three weeks; adhering to the one week on-site, two weeks off-site University policy.

Technicians are expected to fulfill appointments for the times when they are scheduled to be on campus and to fulfill all obligations when they are scheduled to work remotely.