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Duffy Fellows

2021-2022 Recipients

Afrah Bandagi, Duffy Fellows Profile.

Afrah Bandagi (FCLC 2023) is double-majoring in Philosophy and Political Science and minoring in Peace and Justice Studies. As Duffy Fellows, she and her research partner, Madeline Hilf, will examine the role religion plays in the lives of migrants crossing the United States-Mexico border. Afrah first became interested in the global immigration crisis when she was involved with refugee work in Jordan. Bandagi and Hilf's project will culminate in a printed book collecting migrant and activist interviews conducted in New York City and at the border in Arizona.

Madeline Hilf, Duffy Fellows Profile.

Madeline Hilf (FCLC 2022) is double-majoring in Music and Film and minoring in Spanish. She volunteers at the Little Sisters of the Assumption Family Health Service in East Harlem and she is a contributing writer and PR/Media Specialist at Grain of Salt Magazine. Hilf is honored to be a Duffy Fellow and to be working with her research partner, Afrah Bandagi, on an exploration of faith in the lives of migrants at the United States-Mexico border.

Luke Osborn, Duffy Fellows Profile.

Luke Osborn (FCLC 2021) graduated with a degree in Integrative Neuroscience and he plans on pursuing medical school. His Duffy Fellow project seeks to evaluate how religion mediates COVID-19 vaccine compliance. Orborn intends to develop guidelines for reducing vaccine hesitancy among religious populations.

Benedict Reilly, Duffy Fellows Profile.

Benedict Reilly (FCRH 2023) is a student of Theology and Humanitarian Studies. As a Duffy Fellow, he will explore perspectives on spirituality in neighborhoods near Fordham’s Rose Hill campus. Reilly's research is in the spirit of the Ignatian year, focusing on the holiness of certain places with a particular attention to the Bronx. He will present his findings through a web-based map and a walking tour of the Belmont and Fordham neighborhoods.

Samantha Sclafani, Duffy Fellows Profile.

Samantha Sclafani (FCLC 2022) is a Theology and Political Science double major. Her Duffy Fellow project will focus on the relationship between Catholic Social Teaching and internet activism. Sclafani will investigate the practical applications of Catholic Social Teaching and religion and how they might positively inform contemporary social justice movements.