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DEI Strategic PlanHow will this plan be updated and supported in the future?

The Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Strategic Initiatives, Lerzan Aksoy, and Interim Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Clarence E. Ball III, are the key stewards of this action plan. As the DEI leaders for the Gabelli School, they will be tasked with collaborating with the faculty, staff, and student DEI committees to assess, research, analyze, and implement the plan.

Throughout the first year of implementation, the DEI Leaders will review the plan with multiple constituencies to solicit feedback, generate new ideas, and further refine the plan. To assess the plan, they will evaluate the indicators for the four dimensions (Access and Success; Climate and Intergroup Relations; Education and Scholarship; Institutional Viability and Vitality) individually and collectively.

How will the Strategic Plan remain sustainable and how will its leaders be accountable?

Gabelli School of Business leadership, as listed above, will continue to oversee the assessment and the auditing efforts across programs to better determine efficacy, identify resource gaps, meet rankings goals, and keep the GSB committed to its mission and goals. The leadership has a well-established DEI track record and has demonstrated their commitment to diversity by engaging students, faculty, and staff around DEI initiatives throughout the past three years. 

The GSB DEI leadership will serve as ambassadors within their respective departments. They will work to attain DEI goals by providing faculty/staff workshops, collaborating to engage in community initiatives, articulating the DEI resources available to students, and creating and maintaining administrative channels to resolve DEI concerns or bias complaints. In addition, they will work to foster a sense of belonging and an inclusive climate so that all members of the GSB community can openly communicate across identity differences.