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The Rule of Law

Rule of Law ClinicNationhood is dynamic, and changes to nationhood that run afoul of the Rule of Law can threaten its very existence.

In its initial iteration, the new Rule of Law Clinic will explore how the discussion around the future of Northern Ireland, post-Brexit, should be grounded in the rule of law. The clinic will issue policy reports assessing legal and governance issues such as analyzing possible constitutional arrangements, given the relationships Northern Ireland has with the UK, Republic of Ireland, and EU and the existing arrangements governing those arrangements, including the Good Friday Agreement.

Students' fieldwork will include fact-finding through interviews with experts and stakeholders in Northern Ireland, the UK more generally, Ireland, the EU and the US. The seminar will serve as a platform for discussing the clinic's projects, furthering understanding of the issues involved, and developing the lawyering skills essential to the clinic's work in the international arena.


Under the direction of former Dean John Feerick, Fordham has been in the forefront of improving the nation's procedures for handling constutional issues, including presidential disabilities and vacancies and rule of law issues in the international arena.


In addition to co-teaching the Presidential Succession Clinic, Democracy and the Constitution Clinic, Professor Rogan has co-taught the Electoral College and Language of the Constitution seminars with Dean Feerick.