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LinkedIn Learning FAQs

Woman Working on Tablet in Front of ComputerHow do I access and activate my LinkedIn Learning account?

You can activate your LinkedIn Learning account from the Fordham specific link- (link is external); the general (link is external) or through the LinkedIn Learning Mobile app for iOS and Android. Connecting your personal LinkedIn profile is completely optional. See instructions.

Can I use a smartphone with LinkedIn Learning?

Yes, LinkedIn Learning has apps for iOS and Android devices. Visit LinkedIn's app site for download.

If I don’t have a personal LinkedIn profile, can I still use LinkedIn Learning through Fordham?

Yes. You can activate your LinkedIn Learning account without a LinkedIn profile. You do not need a LinkedIn account to use LinkedIn Learning via Fordham, but information is available from LinkedIn to guide you through the steps of creating one as an option.

Do I need to connect my LinkedIn profile to my Fordham LinkedIn Learning account?

No. Connecting your profile is optional. If you change your mind, you may connect your LinkedIn profile at a later time. 

What are the benefits of connecting my personal LinkedIn profile to my Fordham LinkedIn Learning account?

If you connect your Fordham LinkedIn Learning account to your personal LinkedIn profile, you will have a more personalized learning experience that includes course recommendations based on the job title, skills, and industry listed on your LinkedIn profile. With a connected profile you can also ask and answer questions about course content with other users.

What happens to my account if I leave Fordham University?

Students, faculty, and staff who graduate and/or leave Fordham University are no longer eligible for a LinkedIn Learning account through the University.  In order to maintain your training history after your Fordham account is no longer available to you, make sure you connect your LinkedIn Learning account with your LinkedIn account before you leave the University. 

To purchase a personal LinkedIn Learning account, please visit

How can I stay updated on LinkedIn Learning information?

Subscribe to the LinkedIn Learning blog and sign up for the Fordham iDevelop monthly emails.