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Dean Tyler Stovall Publications

Books and Monographs

2021 White Freedom: A Racial History of an Idea. Princeton University Press
2015  Transnational France:  The Modern History of a Universal Nation. Westview Press
2012 Black France, co-edited with Trica Keaton and T. Denean Sharpley-Whiting. Duke University Press
2012 Paris and the Spirit of 1919:  Consumer Struggles, Transnationalism, and Revolution. Cambridge University Press
2010 “Intersections of Race and Gender in French History,” special issue of French Historical Studies, co-edited with Jennifer Boittin, vol. 33/#3 (Summer)
2007 W. Brian Newsome and Tyler Stovall, eds, “French Colonial Urbanism,” special issue of Historical Reflections/Reflexions Historiques (vol. 33/#2, Summer)
2003 Tyler Stovall and Georges van den Abbeele, eds., French Identity in Question:  Nationalism, Colonialism, and Race. Rowman and Littlefield
2003 Sue Peabody and Tyler Stovall, eds., The Color of Liberty:  Histories of Race in France. Duke University Press
2003 France Since 1945. Longman
1996 Paris Noir:  African Americans in the City of Light. Houghton Mifflin Press
1990 The Rise of the Paris Red Belt. University of California Press


Articles and Book Chapters

2016 “Travailleurs de couleur dans la France de l’entre-deux-guerres,” in Nicolas Hatzfeld, Michel Pigenet, and Xavier Vigna, eds., Travail, travailleurs et ouvriers dEurope au xxème siècle  ((Dijon: Éditions universitaires de Dijon)
2016  “Outer Cities: Visions américaines de la banlieue française”, in Bernard Wallon, ed., Banlieues vues d’ailleurs  (Paris: CNRS Éditions)
2016 “Le tourisme noir américain à Paris,” in Sylvain Pattieu, ed., Bons Baisers de Paris: 500 Ans de tourisme dans la capitale  (Paris: Comité d’Histoire de la Ville de Paris)
2014 “Empires of Democracy,” in Graham Huggins, ed., The Oxford Handbook of Postcolonial Studies  (Oxford: Oxford University Press)
2014  “Entre espoir et désespoir: la France contemporaine et sa banlieue,” in Jean-François Sirinelli, ed., La France Qui Vient  (Paris, Editions aux CNRS)
2013 “Black Paris and the Making of the Twentieth Century,” in
Kate Marsh and Fionnghuala Sweeney, Afromodernisms: Paris, Harlem, and the Avant-Garde  (Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press)
2012  “Pioneer and Sage: Henry Ossawa Tanner and the African-American Community in Paris, “in Anna Marley, ed., Henry O. Tanner: An International Perspective , University of California Press
2009 “Blackness, Diversity, and French Identity”, in David Murphy and Charles Forsdick, eds., Postcolonial Thought in the Francophone World , (Liverpool University Press)
2009 “No Green Pastures: the African-Americanization of France”, in Elisabeth Mudimbe-Boyi, ed., Empire Lost: France and its Other Worlds , Lexington Press
2009 “No Green Pastures: the African-Americanization of France”, in Darlene Clark Hine, Trica Danielle Keaton, and Stephen Small, eds., Black Europe and the African Diaspora  (Urbana and Chicago: University of Illinois Press)
2008 “Beyond Dead White Males: Towards a Post-colonial History of Europe,” in Francophone Postcolonial Studies, special issue “France, Europe, and the Postcolonial”
2008 “From Mother Africa to Blacks with Accents: Diaspora and African American Studies in the United States”, in Michelle Bertho and Beverly Crawford, eds., The Impact of Globalization (Praeger)
2006  “Josephine Baker and the World of Black Montmartre”, in
Olivia Lahs-Gonzales, ed., Josephine Baker: Image and Icon  (Reedy Press)
2006  “Ethnicity in 19th Century Europe”, in John Merriman and Jay Winter, editors in chief, Encyclopedia of Europe, 1789-1914  (Charles Scribner’s Sons)
2006 “Race and the Making of the Nation: Blacks in Modern France”, in Michael Gomez, ed., Diasporic Africa (New York University Press)
2005 “Black Community, Black Spectacle: Performance and Race in Trans-Atlantic Perspective”, in Harry Elam/Kennell Jackson, eds., Black Cultural Traffic  (University of Michigan Press)
2005 “Murder in Montmartre: Race, Sex, and Crime in Jazz Age Paris”, Françoise Lionnet and Shu-mei Shih, Minor Transnationalisms  (Duke University Press)
2003 "Love, Labor, and Race: Colonial Men and White Women in France during the Great War," included in Stovall/Abbeele, French Identity
2003 “From Red Belt to Black Belt: Race, Class and Urban Marginality in Twentieth Century Paris”, in Peabody/Stovall, The Color of Liberty
2003 “Gender, Race, and Miscegenation: African Americans in Jazz Age Paris”, in Whitney Chadwick/Tirza Latimer, eds., The Modern Woman Revisted: Paris between the Wars  (Rutgers University Press)
2000 "The Oldest Negro in Paris," in K. Steven Vincent and Alison Klairmont-Lingo, eds., The Human Tradition in Modern France  (Scholarly Resources)
1998  "Color-blind France? Colonial Workers During the First World War," reprinted in Alice Conklin and Ian Christopher Fletcher, European Imperialism: Climax and Contradiction  (Boston: Houghton-Mifflin)
1994 "Urbanization," in Peter Stearns, ed., The Encyclopedia of Social History