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Tips to Consider

Home office set-up complete with a laptop, scribbled notes on a notebook, a celphone and a cup of coffee on a saucer with spoon on the side.

Here are tips to consider for virtually onboarding your new hire:

Provide Access to Connect Your New Hire 

Your new hire requires access to the tools needed to work remotely. This includes virtual and physical access to the network and equipment. Contact Human Resources (link) and Information Technology (link) before the new employee’s start date to ensure that all paperwork, equipment, and security access items are in place.

Guidelines for Working Remotely

Discuss the University’s expectations for working remotely with the new hire. These include:

  • starting work on time; 

  • responding promptly to phone calls, emails, etc.; and

  • maintaining the same level of excellent service that your constituents expect from your department and our University community.

In addition, please require the new hire to download, sign and submit to you the Fordham University Agreement for Remote Work.

Streamline the Virtual Onboarding Process

Preparing a plan to introduce your new employee to key colleagues is important since you can’t walk the new hire around the office for introductions or take a quick tour of the campus. Utilizing online tools, for example, scheduling video conference calls for the new hire’s first week ensures that key onboarding meetings happen virtually so the individual feels welcome.

Arrange for Introductions

Providing new hires with an organizational chart or list of co-workers with their titles and contact information helps them to understand the structure of the organization. In addition, informing your team (via email or a conference call) to let them know that a new hire has joined your group and you will be setting up virtual introductions, either individually or in groups, makes for a smooth transition process. If your new hire will be working with staff in other departments on a regular basis, let your colleagues know and set up the appropriate virtual meetings with them as well.

Prepare a Work Plan

You want your new hire to hit the ground running so preparing a work plan that includes the key contacts the employee will be working with provides guidance and allows the individual to get started immediately. In addition, directing the new hire to websites and electronic documents that provide insight about Fordham helps to lay the foundation for the employee to understand the rich history and culture of our University community.

Assign a Department Buddy 

You are pulled in many directions as a manager, so consider assigning a Buddy to your new hire. The Buddy’s role will assist the new employee in “learning the ropes” of your department and the University, navigating logistical issues, and providing guidance when they have questions or encounter a challenge. For the Buddy, it’s a professional development opportunity. Scheduling daily Zoom meetings with the Buddy for the first week and then weekly for as long as necessary will keep the new employee engaged and on track.

Self-Care for All Employees

To support the well-being of all our employees, we encourage you to share with your new hire the Self-Care for Employees website. 

This website includes:

  • tips for working remotely;

  • virtual wellness events; and

  • helpful links to COVID-19 information.