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New Hire Onboarding Checklists

Prior to the New Hire’s Start Date

Fordham’s employees are one of our most critical investments and a valuable asset to our community. They support and assist us in achieving our vision, mission, and strategic goals. Long term retention of any new hire begins when the decision is made to fill an open position or create a new one.

Research by Glassdoor indicates that effective onboarding can improve employee retention by 82 percent and productivity by 70 percent. For supervisors/hiring managers, onboarding begins before the new employee arrives, whether virtually or in-person.

Here is a checklist to assist you in onboarding the new employees prior to their start date:

  • Contact the new hire to confirm:

    • Start Date

    • Time of Video Conference Call - Start of the New Hire’s First Day (preferably using Zoom)

    • Remind/Confirm Completion of Paperwork. The paperwork includes:

      • Instructions for New Hire Paperwork

      • Employee New Hire Form

      • Federal Withholding W-4 Form

      • I-9 Employment Eligibility Form

      • NY Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate (IT-2014)

      • Fordham University Sexual Harassment Policy Acknowledgement Form

      • Fordham Payroll Direct Deposit Form (Optional)

      • Notice of Pay Rate and Pay Day (LS56-Professional Non-Exempt, Clerical or Maintenance or LS59-Administrators, Faculty or Adjuncts)

    All of the above forms can be found in the Human Resources New Hire Paperwork Google Drive. For any questions regarding the paperwork, refer the employee to the Office of Human Resources Management at or 718-817-4930.

  • Dress Code

  • Location (if applicable)

  • Parking for the First Day (if applicable)

  • Notify your team that a new employee will be joining your group, providing the person’s name, start date, general background information on the employee’s experience, and a brief description of the new hire’s responsibilities.

  • Create a welcome email with departmental information including: 

  • Fordham University’s Mission and Vision

  • Link to Virtual Campus Tour

  • Link to Organization/Department Website(s)

  • Link to the Handbook for Administrators (if applicable)

  • Link to Clerical Union Contract - Local 153 Collective Bargaining Agreement (if applicable)

  • Link to Maintenance Contract - Local 810 Contract (if applicable)

  • Link to Remote Office Information

  • Link to Campus Maps and Directions

  • Link to Parking and Transportation Information, (if applicable)

  • Upload the following documents in the email or in a Google Drive:

    • Position Description

    • List of colleagues in the department including titles and contact information

    • Department organizational chart

    • Guiding departmental principles

    • FERPA regulations (if applicable)

  • Prepare and email an itinerary for the new hire’s first two weeks of employment, including: 

    • Virtual meeting with you

    • Confirmation that the employee scheduled the New Hire Orientation Seminar

    • Virtual meeting with you and the assigned Buddy

    • Virtual meetings with key contacts 

    • Virtual meeting(s) with colleagues in other departments that the employee will be working with closely

  • Ensure that the new hire has the necessary tools to work remotely, if applicable to the position:

  • Fordham credentials

  • Access to the network and applicable systems (submit appropriate requests)  

  • Zoom Account for Virtual Meetings

  • Computer

  • Phone number

  • Mobile device 

  • Office supplies

  • Business cards

  • Office key

  • Arrange any pertinent training required for the position, examples include, if applicable:

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (Mandatory within 30 Days of Hire)

  • Technology Training

  • Ethics Training

  • FMLA Training

  • FERPA Training

  • Performance Management/Evaluation Training for Managers

  • Title IX Training

  • Right to Know Training

For your reference, you can also download the Onboarding New Hire Pre-Arrival Checklist.