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Diversity Action Plan Implementation

The University is moving forward on multiple fronts in pursuit of greater diversity, equity, and inclusion with work happening at every level--from individual departmental to schools to university-wide. 

Fall 2020 Diversity Action Plan Implementation Update

In November of 2020, the Mission and Social Justice Committee of the Board of Trustees jointly met with the University’s diversity leadership team—Kay Turner, vice president for human resources; Rafael Zapata, chief diversity officer, special assistant to the president for diversity, and associate vice president for academic affairs; and Juan Carlos Matos, assistant vice president for student affairs for diversity and inclusion—who outlined the ways in which their areas of the University are implementing or planning to implement the goals of our anti-racism plan.

Establishing the Mission and Social Justice Committee

To signal its deep commitment to the work of confronting racism and educating for justice, during the summer of 2020, the Board of Trustees created a new standing committee: the Mission and Social Justice Committee. The Committee has identified a series of goals to guide their work:

  • Increasing the number of Black and other students of color at Fordham
  • Ensuring that Black and other students of color know that they are welcome at Fordham
  • Measuring the effectiveness of these actions

Learn more about the Board of Trustees’ commitment to anti-racism and the Mission and Social Justice Committee in Fordham Magazine.