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Research Deans' Council

Fordham Research Deans' Council (RDC) was established to 1) improve communication between the Office of Research and schools/colleges; 2) exchange ideas and information about university and schools strategic research initiatives; and 3) coordinate research initiatives and priorities with the University Research Council (URC). 

The academic year 2021-2022 councilmembers are:  

  1. Rachel Annunziato, Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives, Fordham College at Rose Hill
  2. Eva Badowska, Dean of Faculty, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  3. Nemmara Chidambaran, Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development, Gabelli School of Business
  4. Faustino Cruz, Dean, Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education
  5. Ji Seon Lee, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Graduate School of Social Service
  6. Youngjae Lee, Associate Dean for Research, School of Law
  7. Robert Moniot, Associate Dean, Fordham College at Lincoln Center
  8. Tyler Stovall, Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  9. Akane Zusho, Interim Dean, Graduate School of Education
  10. George Hong, Chief Research Officer and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs 
  11. Tihana Abiala, Research Initiatives Officer, Office of Research.