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Blackboard for Faculty

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Beginning Spring 2023, all courses will be on Blackboard Ultra by default. Blackboard Classic will no longer remain an option (although you may still access your old courses while they remain on the system).

We have created short videos for faculty on Ultra basics.  Note, you will need to sign in with your Fordham credentials to access these videos:

Ultra Base Navigation [6:06]Overview of Ultra [9:30]Gradebook  [11:18]Tests and Assignments [14:38]

For additional information about how to use Blackboard Ultra, please view the resources on our Blackboard Resource homepage, this page or visit our Blackboard Ultra resource site. 

For an archive of Blackboard Classic resources you may visit our Bb Classic Resources page.  



Our staff lead workshops throughout the semester on various Blackboard topics. For upcoming workshops and to register for them, go to the IT Events Calendar. (Calendar keyword search: Blackboard)

Additional Resources and Support

Blackboard's help pages can answer many of your questions about using Blackboard.

Have additional questions?  Stop by a on your campus or email us at [email protected].

FAQs for Blackboard Ultra

  • Faculty Technology Services offers regular group and one-on-one training sessions. Check the IT Events Calendar page for current offerings. 

  • Access Fordham Blackboard through portal. Login with your Fordham username and password and click on the Blackboard icon on the top right of the page.

  • Course shells will appear on Blackboard at least one week before the start of the new semester.

    Check your list of courses on Blackboard. Courses are created automatically based on data in Banner. If you are not listed as the instructor for a course in Banner (i.e., the course instructor is marked as TBD), the course will not appear in your list of courses on Blackboard. Contact your department secretary to update the record in Banner.

    The Banner information system automatically adds registered students to Blackboard courses. Students who drop a course will not be unenrolled but listed as unavailable.

  • Please check if you're listed as the instructor on BANNER.  If you're not listed there, then you will not have a Blackboard course generated.  If this is the case, please contact your department chair or dean and request to be assigned the course in BANNER.  Within 24 hours of the system being updated, your Blackboard access to this course will be generated.

  • Faculty may encounter the following error: "Your email do not belong to the current Zoom Account (300)" in Blackboard when clicking on Zoom. To resolve this, you will need to make sure that your Fordham Zoom account is set up. To do that, please go to to set up your Fordham Zoom license with your address. You should just log in with your Fordham credentials there, accept the new license when prompted, and then log into Blackboard again. Your Zoom link should now work as expected in Blackboard. 

  • When you send emails to the users in your course, you will receive an email with your name only, but the email would have been sent to all the users you selected.  The only way to verify is by asking your students.

    Another option you can use on Blackboard is creating an announcement, and checking off the box to send email as well.  The announcement will be posted to your Blackboard course, and an email will be sent to the roster of students listed in your Blackboard course.

    This provides 2 areas for your students to view your message, if they access your Blackboard course it will appear on the Announcement Page, and if they check their email they will receive a message there as well.  Creating an announcement and checking off the box to send an email is the only way to see a record of what was sent via Blackboard.

  • Leader: Has complete access to the organization and its features and functions.

    Assistant: Also has access to all of the organization and its features and functions, including the Grade Center.

    Organization Builder: Able to post and delete content, create, deploy, and remove assessments, set up blogs and wikis, etc. but cannot access the Grade Center.

    Participant: Cannot add content or assessments or access Grade Center, but can view content and submit assessments, as well as participate in wikis, blogs and discussions, as allowed or created by relevant roles described above.

Give Blackboard feedback or suggest features

Looking to give your feedback to Blackboard or want to suggest features?   Create an account on the Anthology Community site (Anthology is the new owner of Blackboard). Once you have signed in, from the top menu select "Product Engagement" and then choose the "Idea Exchange." 

About the Idea Exchange:
The Idea Exchange is specifically a place for Blackboard to track and manage enhancement requests to the product. It allows for things like upvoting ideas and sharing development plans and statuses.

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