Be a Fordham MBA

What Kind of Leader Do You Want to Be?

Pursuing an MBA is not just a decision about your life.

It’s a demonstration of judgment about the type of person that you want to be—in your company, in society, and in the world.

The Fordham MBA is designed to provide you with the tools, knowledge, and support you need to become that person.

Want to switch careers into an industry you’ve long admired? Want to build skills to be able to advance your career in your present firm? Want to change the world with a new business idea?

Fordham can help you achieve those goals.

Which Gabelli MBA is right for you?

Program Structure Typical Work Experience Average Age Fall 2016 Class Size Tuition
Full-Time MBA
2 years
Full-time Daytime classes
3 - 5 years 26 - 28 32 $1,397 per credit
Program Best Suited for: Young professionals looking to change their job function or enter a new industry
Professional MBA
2.5 - 4 years
Part-time Evening classes
5 - 7 years 28 - 30 31 $1,397 per credit
Program Best Suited for: Working professionals seeking to enhance their network and skills to move up in the business world
Executive MBA
22 months
One three-day weekend per month
8 - 12 years 30 - 35 36 $99,750
Program Best Suited for: Senior professionals who want to sharpen their leadership approach and command of management and strategy