Career Exploration

Career Planning from Day One

Male student in cafeteria

Your journey is uniquely yours. Fordham Futures is a nonlinear career planning and professional development program, centered on career counseling, with a robust offering of career fairs, workshops, seminars developed in partnership with academic units, and networking events.

Fordham Futures will help you:

  • understand the value of your education
  • learn how to leverage your liberal arts competencies to excel in your career
  • teach you how to present to employers about the marketable, transferable skills that will make you an asset to their organizations.

Fordham Futures helps you connect your academic experiences to the world of work through three core concepts:

  • Awareness: Understanding how the curiosity and pursuit for knowledge that is central to a liberal arts education is vital to finding your place in the world of work
  • Preparedness: Building the practical skills and experiences, both in and out of the classroom, that help you choose the right career for you and ensure you are ready to succeed there.
  • Presentation: Ensuring you are able to describe to employers in interviews, resumes, and cover letters how your Fordham education has prepared you to excel in your career of choice

Fordham Futures will guide you through:

  • First Year
  • Sophomore Year
  • Junior Year
  • Senior Year