Fordham On-Campus Recruitment Program for Students

Our Campus Recruiting Program (OCR) gives you a chance interview on-campus for internship and full-time job opportunities with exciting companies. You can apply for these opportunities via Handshake, and if you're selected, you'll receive an invitation to interview on campus!

In order to gain access to OCR jobs, you'll have to watch our OCR Campus Recruiting orientation online. After watching the video, complete the on-campus interview policy acknowledgment. Click here to gain access.

Campus Recruiting Policy

Unexcused absences and last-minute cancellations do not enhance your image with potential employers and weaken the integrity and reputation of Fordham University and the On-Campus Recruitment Program. Your actions can also jeopardize the entire recruiting program for future students. Thus, a strict policy regarding "no shows," "cancellations," and job offers will be enforced for the protection of the students of Fordham University.

We ask that you carefully review the Campus Recruiting Policy.

**All students must read and agree to the terms and conditions by providing signatures on the On-Campus Recruitment Student Policy. Failure to comply with the following above will risk the loss of your on-campus recruitment privileges.