Pre-Law Advising Services

Pre-law faculty advisers are available for consultation, and students interested in law school should contact one of the advisers well before their anticipated application to law school.


Director, Pre-Law Advising, FCRH and FCLC
Hillary Mantis, Esq.
[email protected]

Pre-Law Adviser, Gabelli School of Business
Dennis Cappello, Esq.
[email protected]

3-3 Program

The 3-3 Program enables students to move on to Fordham School of Law after three years of study at Fordham College. The BA or BS is awarded following the completion of the first year of law school. Participation requires that students:

  • Complete all core and major requirements and at least 92 credits before beginning law school.
  • Have a very strong LSAT score. It is preferable that the LSAT scores be available by December of the academic year in which the application is made.
  • Maintain a superior grade point average, including transfer credits.

Students who meet these criteria become eligible to be considered for application to the Fordham School of Law during their junior year. Interested students should meet with their academic advisers early on to make sure they complete all necessary undergraduate courses and credits.

Students who intend to participate in the 3-3 Program must have an interview with a pre-law adviser, who may then forward your name to the director of admissions at Fordham's School of Law. Admission is not guaranteed and is very competitive. You should meet Fordham University School of Law’s criteria for admissions, which can vary from year to year.


Pre-Law Society

The Pre-Law Society is a student organization whose purpose is to gather and disseminate information and services to students interested in law. It offers programs, workshops, and activities throughout the year. Both the Lincoln Center and Rose Hill campuses have a Pre-Law Society that is open to all current students at that campus.

Pre-Law Society email list:

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