Democracy and the Constitution

Our system of government requires maintenance. Help strengthen our democracy and the Rule of Law in the United States.

In this timely new clinic, offered for the first time this Fall 2018, you may examine issues such as electoral reform, ethics and transparency laws, separation of powers, and checks on presidential power.

Students will work collaboratively to research and analyze legal issues, conduct fact-finding interviews with experts, and engage in advocacy projects to promote the clinic's work to government officials, journalists, and of course, the public.

This new clinic is brought to you by Professors John Feerick and John Rogan, who co-taught the Presidential Succession Clinic in 2016-2017. Read the policy reports developed by the clinic.

Photo of Professor John D. Feerick 240x240
John Feerick

Under the direction of former Dean John Feerick, Fordham has been in the forefront of improving the nation's procedures for handling constitutional issues, including presidential disabilities and vacancies.

In addition to co-teaching the Presidential Succession Clinic, Professor Rogan has co-taught the Electoral College and Language of the Constitution seminars with Dean Feerick.