REI Professional Certificates Tuition Discount

$500 Tuition Discount Available for Limited Time on Professional Certificates: Fordham Real Estate Institute Executive Advisory Council Fund; An investment in the Industry and the Community.

The Fordham University Real Estate Institute Executive Advisory Council has awarded funds to support the professional development of real estate and construction professionals. The funds granted through the donation allow students completing a Fordham REI Professional Certificate in Fall 2021, Spring 2022, and Summer 2022 to receive a $500 tuition discount for their final course in the certificate. Lou Mirando, REI EAC Chair, “It’s assistance like this that builds stronger, healthier communities and industries."

Terms for the Professional Certificate Tuition Discount

  • Students must declare their candidacy before registering for their third class in a certificate.
  • To declare candidacy for a certificate, simply email your name and the Professional Certificate(s) that you are interested in completing to [email protected] Please put "tuition discount" in the subject line.
  • You will need our $500 discount coupon code when registering for your final course. To receive your coupon code, just email [email protected] before registering for your final course.
  • All courses applied toward a certificate must be taken for a standard letter grade.
  • Audit and Pass/Fail grades are not applicable toward a certificate.
  • A minimum cumulative grade average of B- is required for a certificate.
  • Students must complete the certificate(s) by August 15, 2023.