Student Life Council | Rose Hill

  • Section 1: Overview

    This document is a draft 2022-23 version of what was originally the 2014-15 Rose Hill student handbook Student Life Council section (prior to the move of the handbook wholly online). It is now published to the community in the RamsInvolved Community Student Life Council portal and in the Student Life Council Shared Folder.


    Student Life Council 

    The Student  Life  Council  is  a  body  convened  by  Rose Hill’s Student Life Council Executive Board and the Office of the  Dean  of  Students  and  made  up  of  students, faculty, and administrators. The broad purpose of this council is to maintain contact between these campus constituencies and to encourage ongoing conversation and consultation on activities, events, organizations, student government, and collaborative efforts between students, faculty, academic affairs, and Rose Hill Student Life. The Student Life Council also votes on the final semesterly club and organization budgets, changes to club funding status , and provides general collaborative oversight of the budget process managed by the USG/SLC Budget Committee.


    I. Specific Purpose:

    1. To discuss the campus community with all members of the Rose Hill Fordham College and Gabelli School of Business student body and with direct representation from the United Student Government, the Residence Halls Association, the Commuting Students Association, the Campus Activities Board, the faculty, the academic administration of the Gabelli School of Business and Fordham College at Rose Hill, and the offices comprising Rose Hill Student Life. These discussions and consultations may regard the operations, policies, purposes, and learning outcomes associated with student life; student government;  and activities, events, clubs, and organizations, with the goals of ensuring that organization or club activities are of high quality, contribute to learning outcomes, and support  the Mission of the University. Members of the Council and the joint committees will contribute information during meetings on the various activities, events, clubs, and organizations that contribute to the campus culture. The Council may recommend the termination of club and organization activities that are not achieving appropriate learning outcomes or are not consonant with the Mission of the University. The Council may also recommend and encourage the organization of activities in areas where there is a perceived need. 
    2. To encourage involvement by a broad range of campus constituencies in activities, events, clubs, and organizations; 
    3. To discuss and recommend guidelines for the financial support of activities, events, clubs, and organizations from the Student Activities Fee; 
    4. To assess the performance  of  block funding   status  organizations  and approve or deny requests for block funding status; 
    5. To use its monthly meetings to discuss, consult with the community, and vote on the budget for student clubs and organizations following receipt of the proposed budget from the Student Activities Budget Committee (see Section IV-3); 
    6. To use its monthly meetings to discuss, consult with the community, and vote on the procedures used by the joint Budget Committee in its operations;
    7. To discuss issues related to student life at Rose Hill, activities, events, clubs, and organizations. 
    8. To hear and review reports from the chair of each SLC joint committee; 
    9. To invite the campus community to attend  the monthly “town hall”-style meetings of the full board and hear from the Rose Hill student body about any issues it submits to the council.