Faculty Notification Letters and Emails

  • Each disabled student registered with our office must request his/her accommodations each semester. Once he/she does, you will receive an email from our office notifying you of the student’s specific accommodations. The subject line of the emails follows this format:

    [ODS] John Smith – ECON 1200.R01 – Basic Microeconomics (CRN: 12345) – Notification of Academic Support Services Spring 2015

    Students are also required to discuss their accommodations with you in person. We suggest that they do this by printing PDF copies of these letters and bringing them to your office hours or arranging another time to meet with you.

  • For students who receive alternative testing accommodations and plan to take exams in the ODS office, professors are required to complete an Alternative Testing Contract, which gives our office the information we need to appropriately proctor your exams and quizzes.

    The Alternative Testing Contract is only completed once per course section per semester; if you have multiple students in the same section of the course, you do not need to complete it multiple times. If you are teaching multiple sections of the same course and wish to use the same contract, please provide our office with the names of all of your students we will apply the contract as you direct.

  • ** This should take approximately 5 minutes**

    Please note: We can only scan and email exams where all answers, essays, etc. are on regular 8.5” x 11” printer paper. We can no longer scan exams that are written on lined paper or in blue books. If you have questions about this, please feel free to contact our office.

    1. Locate the hyperlink in the large red box labeled “Important Notice” at the bottom of the email you received notifying you of the student’s accommodations.
    2. Click on the link.
    3. Answer all 4 questions completely, thinking about ALL of the tests and quizzes you will give this semester (include quizzes, tests, midterms, and final exams) and include lengths of exams (in minutes) for all exam types you will give this semester.
    4. Question 2 asks whether you will allow additional time BEYOND the time the student is allowed with his/her extended time.  [i.e. If a student’s two hours are up and he/she asks for 10 more minutes, will you allow it?]
    5. For Question 4, make sure to include your email address or mailbox location in the notes field if you have asked for us to scan/email the exam or return the exam to your campus mailbox.  If you choose one of these options, but do not include this information, the contract will not submit.
    6. Click “Submit Alternative Testing Contract.”
    7. You will get an email confirmation that the contract has been submitted.
    1. After a student has scheduled an exam with our office, both the student and the professor receive an auto-generated test approval email.**It is not possible to upload an exam before you receive this test approval email.**
    2. In the professor’s email, you will see the following: “If you have an exam in electronic format, please use the following link to upload your exam to our secure website. Only system administrators and staff members have access to the uploaded exams.”
    3. Click the hyperlink.
    4. Enter an exam file note (optional).
    5. If there are multiple students in the class taking the exam, choose Yes/No for “same exam for everyone.”
    6. Select a file by browsing on your computer.
    7. Click “Upload Exam.”