Letter from the Dean of Students

Welcome from the Dean of Students,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Fordham University and congratulate you on your acceptance to the Jesuit University of New York.

In Student Life, the area overseen by the Dean of Students, we are focused on the education our students receive outside the classroom. Though we are mindful that the intellectual life will be the core of the enterprise at Fordham, we are dedicated to the idea that learning continues, is enhanced and is made meaningful beyond the threshold of the conventional classroom. This student-centered approach is very much in keeping with our Jesuit Catholic traditions and mission. We are committed to the idea that every experience at Fordham is an element of a student’s training to be a man or a woman for others and we feel privileged to be a University where leaders in service are educated according to these centuries-old precepts.

Another word for this crucial “classroom outside the classroom” that we create is community. The community we build together here at Rose Hill is critical to the training students receive to become the leaders each are expected to be upon graduation from Fordham. Therefore, your engagement and participation in community is an expectation rather than a mere afterthought. The diploma you earn will be proof of that unique training- indeed, the diploma is the University’s solemn word that our students hold themselves to high standard of personal conduct—a standard worthy of the men and women for others who have come before you and the traditions and values of our University.

Again, welcome. All of us in Rose Hill’s student life area are looking forward to seeing you at campus visits and at our orientation program when you arrive in August.


Christopher Rodgers
Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students

Fordham University
441 East Fordham Rd
McGinley Center, Room 242
Bronx, NY 10458