Counseling and Psychological Services Action Plan

Action Steps

In response to recent community feedback and to ensure that we are responsive to the diverse needs, experiences and identities of all students, CPS has developed and will be implementing the following action steps during the 2020-21 academic year:

  • Develop and launch a Student Advisory Committee.
  • Reevaluate the benefits and risks of employing undergraduate student workers.
  • Engage in ongoing conversation and dialogue with student leaders who represent marginalized, underrepresented and underserved student populations.
  • Increase the number of counselors on our team who identify as queer and/or people of color.
  • Engage in ongoing professional development that focuses on multicultural and social justice competencies in the context of mental health and higher education.
  • Enhance our website to include information about our staff and trainees' professional backgrounds, experiences, expertise, identities, and values.
  • Develop a page on our website that specifically focuses on mental health resources, services, and information for students from marginalized and underserved identity groups.
  • Initiate discussion and planning to transition our scope of service model from "Short-Term Services" to "Customized and Equity-Based Services."

Response to Recent Community Feedback

Thank you to all our students who have taken the time to share their feedback about CPS. We are aware of, have been humbled by, and are reviewing the testimonials and concerns that our students have expressed through multiple channels, including anonymously on social media. We take our students’ feedback seriously and will continue to utilize it to inform, assess, and enhance our services to the Fordham community. While anonymous feedback can be informative, we strongly encourage our students to also communicate their concerns with us directly so we can better understand, contextualize, investigate, respond to, and address them. To do so, please contact our Director, Dr. Jeffrey Ng, at

Additionally, in response to the experiences that have been poignantly conveyed by so many of our students of color, and in particular our Black students, about the racial climate on campus, we would like to share that one of our primary strategic goals for the current academic year is to "Increase access and utilization of CPS' clinical and prevention services by historically marginalized and under-served student populations.” To actualize this goal, we have developed and are in the process of working on various action steps for enhancing equity-based practices, initiatives, and protocols, which we recognize will require continuous evaluation, clarification, and fine-tuning in the context of engaging in ongoing conversations with our students of color.

And finally, we will be developing and publicly announcing additional action steps throughout the summer in response to the various concerns that have recently been shared about CPS. In the meantime, we will continue to listen to our students, and to support and assist them with their mental health needs as best we can. Thank you again for your honest and candid feedback, which we trust will contribute immeasurably to improving our services to students moving forward.

The Staff at CPS