McGinley Center

Mcginley center

The Campus Center Operations Team manages the McGinley Campus Center and multiple other venues that are organized into the hub of campus social activity. The primary venue is the McGinley Campus Center, which is named in honor of the former university president Rev. Laurence McGinley, SJ. The McGinley Campus Center was dedicated February 28, 1960.

In addition to managing the other Campus Center facilities (Collins Auditorium, Campbell Multipurpose Room, Bepler Commons and Rodrigue's Coffeehouse), the Campus Center Operations Team also schedules and supports non-academic events in other Rose Hill campus spaces.

The McGinley Campus Center venues are equipped for business conferences, lectures, and meetings, for up to 500 people. Located in the capital of the world, New York City, the McGinley Campus Center offers a solution to any conference and event planner's problems. Examples and information regarding different available venues are featured on this site.

The McGinley Campus Center at the Rose Hill Campus is the headquarters of a bustling Office for Student Involvement program. It hosts many student services such as student organization offices, dining options and several Student Affairs offices. As the "Living Room" of the campus, it is a place for students to socialize, attend events, and truly enjoy their collegiate experience.