Directory of the McGinley Center

  • Robert Minotti
    Director of Music
    Office: Room 106

    Conor O'Kane
    Associate Director of Campus Ministry and Director Interfaith Ministries
    Office: Room 205C

    Gil Severiano
    Administrative Assistant
    Office: Room 102

  • Maria Aponte
    Internship and Experiential Education Coordinator
    Office: Room 224

    Christin Cato
    Assistant for Diversity and Multicultural Initiatives
    Office: Room 224

    Kathlene Lewis
    Assistant Director/Employer Relations Coordinator
    Office: Room 224

    Bernie Stratford
    Director of Experiential Education
    Office: Room 224

  • Omar Cheikh
    Team Lead, IT Customer Care
    Office: Room 229

    William Shuriff
    Director, IT Customer Care
    Office: Room 232

  • Juan Carlos Matos
    Assistant Dean and Director
    Office: Room 215

  • Cody Arcuri
    Assistant Dean for Student Involvement
    Office: Room 204

    Thomas Balestracci
    Associate Director for Student Formation
    Office: Room 204

    Stephen Clarke
    Assistant Director for Campus Center Operations
    Office: Room 204

    Francesca Leite‚Äč 
    Assistant Director for Student Organizations and Programming
    Office: Room 204

    Stephen Esposito
    Assistant Director for Leadership and Commuter Student Services
    Office: Room 204

    Cathy Gonzalez 
    Reservations Coordinator
    Office: Room 204

    Angela Flynn 
    Office Manager
    Office: Room 204


  • James Pellicone
    Account Manager
    Office: Room 232A

  • Christopher Rodgers
    Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students at Rose Hill
    Office: Room 242

    Iris Remon
    Administrative Assistant
    Office: Room 242

  • Gregory Pappas
    Assistant Vice President
    Office: Room 219

    Joan Rawlins
    Operations Manager
    Office: Room 219