Computer Skills and Applications

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Most employers expect candidates to have basic computer skills. Proficiency in Microsoft Office is one of the most sought-after skills by hiring managers. Our Microsoft Office courses provide computer skills to list on your resume. We offer courses in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Project Management.

This summer earn valuable computer skills in as little as three days with one or more of our courses.

IDIS 1011 V11 - Introduction to Microsoft Word
Summer Session I: May 31, June 5, 7 (3 days)
Online: MW, 6:00PM - 8:30PM

This course provides students with a thorough review of the Word screen with its ribbon menus and of working in an existing Word document. Techniques to move through the document, to select and edit text, spell-check, and save and close are introduced. Printing with the print dialog box is covered. Learners will also create new documents with short lines and wrapped text and will use many key features: page setup and margins, page breaks, indented paragraphs including numbering and bullets, envelopes, and special fonts. Learners will work with memo, letter, and report document formats.

CRN: 15467

Instructor: Fragale, Thomas
.5 credit (1/2 credit)

IDIS 1018 L21 - Introduction to Microsoft Project
Summer Session I: June 12, 14, 21, 26 (4 days)
Lincoln Center: MW, 6:00PM - 8:30PM

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of project management through Microsoft Project, using time as the fundamental unit of measure. Students will learn to create a simple project plan, work with tasks in the project plan, produce a printed view of the project plan, and a Gantt chart. They will also use the feature to track actual time and progress and learn how to reschedule activities when projects slip or other activities intervene. In addition, learners will work with the existing reports and views available within MS Project.


Instructor: DiPerna, Mary 
1 credit

IDIS 1015 V21 - Intro to Microsoft Excel
Summer Session II: July 5, 10, 12 (3 days)
Online: MW, 6:00PM - 8:30PM

This course provides students with a thorough introduction to the Excel environment, including screen layout, selecting with mouse, spreadsheet design, and the commands needed to create, copy, edit, format, save, print, and back up spreadsheets. The course also covers the use of the print-preview function and techniques for working with large spreadsheets. In addition, the formatting features such as bold, underlined text, wrapping text, and merging cells will be introduced. The general capabilities and limitations of Excel are also outlined.

CRN: 15469

Instructor: DiPerna, Mary
.5 credit (1/2 credit)

IDIS 1014 V21 - Intro to Microsoft PowerPoint
Summer Session II: July 17, 19, 24 (3 days)
Online: MW, 6:00PM - 8:30PM

This course begins with a thorough introduction to the PowerPoint screen, including ribbons and the screen layout. Working with an existing presentation, learners will create a new slide between existing slides, edit slides in outline view and slide view, change the order of slides, and apply animation in the slide sorter. Learners create a presentation from scratch after learning how to design a presentation; work with the title slide and bullet slides; select a template for design/color; customize the master slides; change layouts; enhance the presentation with clip art and photos; and print for outlines, handouts, speaker’s notes and slides.

CRN: 15468

Instructor: Fragale, Thomas
.5 credit (1/2 credit)

Microsoft Office Courses are Also Available as Noncredit

All four of these Microsoft Office courses can also be taken as noncredit, either all together or individually. You'll receive the same instruction as the credit classes, but instead of earning a letter grade, noncredit students receive a grade of pass or no pass. Noncredit classes are NOT applicable toward a degree. Students can earn Fordham's noncredit Microsoft Office Certificate by taking all four classes.