Web Migration Frequently Asked Questions


Why are we changing?
With the ever-expanding digital ecosystem, the University has decided to move to a digital experience platform (DXP.) Along with a CMS component, the DXP will support other integrations which will allow us to personalize content based on roles at the university (student, staff, faculty, etc.) as well as user behavior (prospective student, international visitor, etc.).

Will the new site look different?
While we will not be undergoing an entire redesign, we will be reorganizing, updating images, adding new content types (previously known as widgets and supplements,) etc. The look and feel will be similar but refreshed.

I heard the portal is going away. Is that true? Where will that info go?
The new DXP site will incorporate a public site as well as seamlessly provide authenticated content. The content that the portal currently provides access to will be made accessible from the one single unified web presence.

Are we getting rid of Wordpress too?
We have no intention of forcing people out of their Wordpress sites, but as the new site grows it may make sense to also incorporate what is currently residing in Wordpress into the more robust site. Once we are fully out of Jadu we will look into this further.

How was the decision on selecting Terminalfour made?
A core group of staff from IT and Marketing viewed presentations from eight vendors and further narrowed the pool to four--all of which had significant higher education experience and meet basic requirements around ease of use, ease of integration, hosting capabilities, client support, and price. The migration website then viewed presentations from the four vendors and selected Terminalfour.


When will Jadu training end?
There are currently no scheduled trainings for Jadu. If you need assistance with a web update, please email [email protected].

When does the auto-migration take place?
The auto-migration began December 14 and was completed in January 2021.

The Terminalfour (T4) implementation team created an auto-migration program to automatically copy as much content as possible from the current website and convert into corresponding content types on the new platform. After several test migrations to ensure the programming script was working properly, the auto-migration is complete.

Any major reworking of pages/content should wait until you have been launched in Terminalfour. That being said, we fully understand that you may need to make necessary edits/additions to your site in the coming months. Please keep track of the updates you make so that we can make the same updates to the auto-migrated content. You can also email [email protected] and we will assist with basic web updates in both locations.

When will my area/division’s content move to the new CMS?
While much of the content on fordham.edu site moved over with the auto-migration, a great deal of content needs to be manually migrated, and all of the pages reviewed carefully before launch. That is the work that the web team is focusing on now. In collaboration with you and your departments, we will be reviewing the migrated content page by page, which will also offer us the opportunity to utilize some of the new content types and make image and other design updates as well.

View the migration timeline.

When will training for new CMS happen?
Terminalfour training will happen right before your area is ready to migrate. We will reach out to each area to discuss who should be trained and schedule a training session with web editors in that migration phase. Once most areas are migrated we will begin monthly training for new users.


How long will we use two systems and how exactly will that work?
We will technically be in two systems until all pages are moved into the new system. Once your area launches you will be trained within the new system and begin to only work in the new CMS.

Who will help us migrate? Will we have to copy/paste each page?
The web team along with members from Fordham IT will assist with your migration. Any content added to Jadu after December 14 will be manually migrated with the help of the web team.

What if we don't want to migrate?
All areas will need to be moved into the new CMS. University Marketing and Communications staff will work with you to ensure a smooth transition.

How do we prepare for migration?
In preparation for the migration, we encourage everyone to do a content audit. We have put together this list of questions to help you as you review your web content.

How do we get new images?
Please reach out to your client services marketing manager, or to [email protected] for assistance with photos.

How can we be granted access to our analytics?
Siteimprove, our web-governance software, provides insight into visitor behavior. This data will show you which pages visitors frequent the most, which pages they never visit, and help determine what content is no longer needed.
Need access to Siteimprove? Fill out the Siteimprove request form and we will create an account for you.

How will search results be affected?
It is inevitable that as we migrate from one CMS to another, URLs will change. We are working with Fordham IT to compile a list of ALL of our existing URLs and we will be implementing redirections from the old to the new that will tell search spiders that the new URL should be considered permanent. This will help smooth the transition with the search engines.

How will I learn about the progress of the migration?
We will post updates to the , and will also continue to have a migration section in our web editors newsletter. If you are a web editor and you are not receiving the newsletter, please reach out to [email protected], and we will add you to the distribution list.