Prospective Students

Welcome. As you explore our website, we hope you discover what sets a Fordham Law degree apart from another degree. Becoming part of the Fordham Law family will be a lifelong connection that crosses both personal and professional boundaries.

The Fordham Law alumni network is active and strong, and spans the U.S. and the globe. Fordham Law alumni are present at every level of government and in virtually all sectors of law and industry. The achievements of our alumni are indicative of the commitment and accessibility of our faculty, as well as the rigorous and dynamic Fordham Law curriculum, which includes a vast array of clinical opportunities.

Each year, we welcome into the Fordham Law family more than 500 students from the U.S. and over 40 countries who arrive on our Lincoln Center campus, eager and excited to begin their studies towards a J.D. or an LL.M./S.J.D. degree. We look forward to extending you a warm welcome.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Career Planning Center is to empower and support the J.D. students and J.D. alumni of Fordham Law in their career-related endeavors. The CPC fulfills its mission by providing effective guidance and counseling to J.D. students and J.D. alumni so that they may engage in meaningful job searches, develop as professionals, and make informed career-related choices leading to long-term career satisfaction. To accomplish these goals, members of the career planning staff begin their relationship with J.D. students in mid-October of the first year and are available to them throughout their careers.

Core Values


The CPC abides by the strictest level of confidentiality in all of its interactions with students and other members of the community.


A commitment to providing exceptional service in a welcoming, respectful environment. We strive for continuous improvement in our performance, measuring results carefully, and ensuring that integrity and respect for people are never compromised.


We demand of ourselves and others the highest ethical standards, and our services and programs will be of the highest quality.


We recognize that the students are the cornerstone of the Fordham Law School Community and expect that all members of the CPC will treat students and other members of the community with respect and dignity. The CPC respects the uniqueness and diversity of each individual student.

Customer Focus

The students are our customers. We are deeply committed to meeting the needs of our customers, and we constantly focus on customer satisfaction.


All students, alumni, administration, faculty and employers are treated with the utmost professionalism in all interactions with the CPC. We are the professional face of the Law School and strive to produce a product that meets that standard.


We know that success means we must work together. The CPC pursues a productive work environment through open communication, mutual respect, consideration and teamwork.