Urban Studies

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Designed as an interdisciplinary program, Urban Studies offers a broad introduction to the city and the urban environment.

Students combine course work and urban issues with hands-on experience in New York City. A dedicated faculty offer courses ranging from urban politics and community, architecture and the built environment, urban history, immigration and class relations, to literary representations of urban space.

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UrbanTOPIAS Conference | Berlin

urbanTOPIAS conference

Fordham Professors Annika Hinze, Director of Urban Studies, and Rosemary WakemanCoordinator of University Urban Initiatives, discussed the future of Urban Studies at the UrbanTOPIAS conference held at the Center for Metropolitan Studies, Technical University Berlin.

The 5th Annual Conference of the International Graduate Research Program IGK Berlin-New York-Toronto: “The World in the City: Metropolitanism and Globalization from the 19th Century to the Present included urban scholars and activists discussing the challenges of changing cities.

The 2016 conference explored the multiple forces of threats and anxieties that shape urban reality, the practices of resistance and adaptations to urban transformations, and investigated different perspectives on the urban future.

New Series Gr8 Talks! Next Event 12/7

city art

The Fall 2016 Gr8 Talks! series continues on Wednesday, December 7th with Vol. 7: Emerging Researchers "Urban Informailty" led by Fordham MA graduate scholar Matiss Steinerts and Urban Studies alumnus Bogdan Cvetkovic.

Matiss Steinerts will present his research about "street memorials" which encompass a discussion on the vital links between race, class, and power in the city.

Bogdan Cvetkovic will share his findings of the life and the struggle of people living on the margin of the society. By looking into the painful dimensions of urban life, we hope,to foster a deeper understanding of social realities that exist within the urban space.

The Gr8 Talks Vol. 7 seeks to present the multiple layers of social reality facing the city today. By doing so, it gives us the capacity to see the world beyond conventionality and by "seeing" things beyond the ordinary.

Gr8 Talks! is a new series of 8 talks aimed to enhance information sharing and collaboration among students, faculty and experts in the field of Urban Studies.

The next talk begins at 6 p.m. in 525 Martino Hall, Fordham Lincoln Center, 45 Columbus Ave, NY City.

Mark Street Defends the Art of Street Photography in Filmmaker Magazine

Mark Street

Mark Street, writer, filmmaker, and Assistant Professor of Film in the Visual Arts Program at Fordham, defends his craft in a new article for Filmmaker Magazine: "In Defense of Street Photography in an iPhone Age."

Oddly, as filming in one medium (the cellphone) has become ubiquitous, people seem to fear the semi-professional more and more. A professional film shoot ascribes to standards — releases are signed, tacit agreements are made, those filmed understand the scope of the project. As someone who works alone (without a crew that creates a kind of picture a passerby might be able to understand) I often find myself at pains to explain myself.

Read the full article at filmmakermagazine.com

Mark Street FilmsLima Limpia (2014)

Vertical Landscape

Congratulations and bravo to Urban Studies major Zhiyi Zhou for her outstanding photography! Zhiyi's exhibit "Vertical Landscape" is now on display at the Ildiko Butler Gallery at Lincoln Center, 113 W. 60th St., New York, NY.

From the artist:

The exhibition, "Vertical Landscape," consists of ten black-and-white photographs taken with a 4*5 large-format camera. Over the past two years, I have photographed in Rockaway, New York and during trips to China and Cuba. Inspired by an interest in people's living space, the photos capture vernacular architectures both dwelled by humans and inhabited by nature.


The opening reception is Friday, April 22, 6:00-8:00 p.m. Please stop by to see Zhiyi's images from New York, China, and Cuba.

Practicing Utopia

Fordham News : Professor Calls for Return to Regional Planning’s Utopian Age

Graffiti Murals

Special Feature:

Urban Studies alumnus Patrick Verel talks about his book Graffiti Murals: Exploring the Impact of Street Art.