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  • Law Between Buildings:  Emergent Global Perspectives on Urban Law (co-editor, with Nisha Mistry) (forthcoming 2016)
  • Property, Wellbeing, and Home:  Positive Psychology and Property Law’s Foundations, in The Precarious Home: Socio-Legal Perspectives on the Home in Insecure Times
    (forthcoming 2016)
  • Property Law: Rules, Policies and Practices (6th ed. 2014) (with Joseph W. Singer, Eduardo M. Peñalver and Bethany Berger)
  • Department of Housing and Urban Development v. Rucker: Dilemmas of Public Housing as Housing of Last Resort, in THE POVERTY LAW CANON (forthcoming 2016)
  • Crisis and the Public-Private Divide in Property, in THE PUBLIC NATURE OF PRIVATE PROPERTY (2011) (with Rashm Dyal-Chand)
  • The Bullhorn and the Bell Jar: Hernando de Soto and Communication Through Title, in HERNANDO DE SOTO AND PROPERTY IN A MARKET ECONOMY (2010)
  • AFFORDABLE HOUSING AND PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS (co-editor, with Robin Paul Malloy) (2009)

Symposium Contributions and Other Works