Entrepreneur Law Society


As the only club at Fordham Law that is centered around entrepreneurship, our mission is to cultivate an environment for ambitious students to learn what it takes to both represent entrepreneurs as well as be ones themselves.

There is tremendous opportunity in our changing economy, as new problems need to be solved every day. This, in turn, creates opportunity for attorneys and business people. Starting a business has never been so easy, and these new businesses can serve as potential clients or potential careers for any one of us.

What the Society Does

The Entrepreneur Law Society plays an integral part in capturing those opportunities here at Fordham Law. We host events to both educate students on essential skills needed to succeed in this area as well as expose them to successful individuals in this space. Last year, we hosted two main events: "Why Startups Fail" and "How To Raise Your First Million." They were a tremendous success, and we plan on building off that success this year.

Our society also has a close relationship with the Fordham Law Alumni Entrepreneur Affinity Group. This relationship keeps our audience quite diverse and also helps to maintain the relationships we build once we graduate. Sahar Hakakian and Robert Sanchez are the co-chairs of this alumni group. For more information, either visit their LinkedIn page (Fordham Law Alumni Entrepreneur Affinity Group) or contact Sahar Hakakian at hakakian@fordham.edu.

Whether you want to be an entrepreneur yourself, you want to represent them through their journey, or you are simply excited about the innovation and creativity that permeates through new ventures, I encourage you to join the Entrepreneur Law Society. For more information, please contact Scott Scuderi (President) at FordhamLawELS@gmail.com.