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Academic Integrity Policy

Expectations and Education

The Academic Integrity Statement

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"As a student of Fordham University, I recognize that I am part of a community dedicated to the disciplined and rigorous pursuit and communication of truth. I therefore commit myself to upholding the highest standards of academic integrity. Any work that I present as my own will be my own; I will give appropriate credit where credit is due; I will be fair and honest in all of my interactions with members of the Fordham community."

- The Academic Integrity Statement, recited by Fordham College at Rose Hill freshmen and led by the Executive President of the United Student Government during fall academic orientation.

About Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is honest, thoughtful, and responsible scholarship. Fordham College at Rose Hill students are expected to maintain the highest standards with regard to honesty, effort and performance in their academic work. Examples of dishonest scholarship include, but are not limited to: plagiarism, cheating and false authorship. For further information about the Undergraduate Policy on Academic Integrity, and the procedures related to violations. Within the first two weeks of class, all incoming FCRH freshman and external transfer students must complete the Academic Integrity Tutorial, which is an educational online presentation outlining and describing these expectations and concrete applications.