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GSS Fall 2022 Magazine

Spring 2022 Social Worker Cover

This semester’s issue of The Social Worker, GSS’s school magazine, focuses on balance.

As we have seen over the previous two years, our world is ever-evolving and continuously adapting as technology changes. From artificial intelligence to daily Zoom meetings and events, society has—and continues to—shift toward the efficient, the innovative, the digital. This magazine—which we have now adapted into a digital format for better viewing on all types of screens—is living proof of that fact.  

Social work is no exception. We as social work professionals joined this community of changemakers to provide the best quality services and care to our communities. While technology and data-driven innovations and strategies have lived somewhat on the fringe of social work in the past, we, too, must adapt. 

However, throughout this adaptive process, we must not forget the bedrock foundation on which our profession is supported—relationships and community. Innovation cannot replace the necessity of connection, and meeting people where they are. This is especially true at an institution like GSS, whose roots are firmly—and proudly—planted in the Jesuit tenet of cura personalis, or, “care for the whole person.” 

Which is why, in this magazine, you will read about the incredible ways our community is infusing innovation with the personal touch only a social worker can bring. Furthermore, our faculty show how we can use these new tools to enhance our abilities to provide the best quality care for those who need it most.   

We can never lose sight of those meaningful relationships that fill a life well-lived. This includes our relationship with you, our esteemed alumni, who represent our school with a vigor and passion for which we have great pride. We thank you for that relationship, your tremendous influence on society, and your continued support of our mission.

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