Institute for Women and Girls

Female student at art gallery - SM

The Fordham Institute for Women and Girls, established in 2001, works to promote gender equality by addressing all forms of discrimination against women and girls locally and globally.

Institute members engage in interdisciplinary education, research and practice activities that work to foster gender equality and:

  • Expand our understanding of the problems facing girls and women, such as poverty, ageism, sexism and racism.
  • Contribute to critical analyses of the position of girls and women worldwide.
  • Improve programs and the delivery of services for girls, women and their children.
  • Help prevent inequity and injustice towards women and girls by influencing public and university policy.
  • Promote the integration of content on women and girls into social work curricula.

The Institute for Women and Girls also is currently committed to research related to mentoring programs for middle-school and high school Latinas, through our Mentoring Latinas project.

Advocating for the Rights of All Women: The Power of Technology and Art

The equality, safety, and well-being of all women around the world has been found under siege.  Our Annual 2023 conference explored how technology and art have been and are being used to address some of these threats.

Annual Spring Conference 2023 was held Friday, 3/10/23 via Zoom

Conference Program with Speaker list and Bios


March 2023