Palliative Care Fellowship

Palliative care

The mission of the Palliative Care Fellowship is to educate and develop social workers skilled in delivering high-quality palliative and end-of-life care to individuals and families, with cultural humility and respect for patient self-determination, to contribute specialist palliative social workers to the workforce.

Fellowship Components

The Palliative Care Fellowship includes the following components:

  • An internship working with seriously ill individuals and their family members in inpatient, outpatient, community-based and hospice care settings
  • Two electives:
    • Palliative Social Work
    • Grief, Loss, and Bereavement
  • Support and mentoring from the Palliative Care Fellowship Director and a Career Mentor assigned to each Fellow
  • A dedicated Field Seminar led by an experienced palliative social worker
  • Workshops in Bioethics in End of Life
  • Access to classes in the Continuing Education Palliative Care Series
  • Stipend for tuition remission

Selection as a Palliative Care Fellow is highly competitive. The Fellows are carefully screened in order to choose students who are both clinically and academically strong, have personal characteristics that make them good candidates for working with seriously ill individuals and families in a fast-paced environment and on an interdisciplinary team, and who are committed to a career working with seriously individuals and their families.

  • Program to help disadvantaged populations in New York City understand advance care planning, including completing a health care proxy, and most importantly, how to have the discussion about their wishes with their family and health care provider
  • Webinars for social workers in palliative care
  • Speaker series for MSW students in palliative care at Fordham and other social work programs in the NYC area