M.S.W. Non-Matriculated Study

Looking to transition gradually into graduate studies before applying for admission into our Master of Social Work (M.S.W.) program? Consider Non-Matriculated Study.

Students choose Non-Matriculated Study for a variety of reasons. To:

  • Start coursework immediately.
  • Explore social work as a professional fit.
  • Strengthen candidacy for admission by demonstrating academic success at Fordham.
  • Build confidence in academic ability.

Non-Matriculated Program Info Session

Consider joining us at one of our upcoming 30-minute Non-Matric Info Sessions to learn more about our program and if taking a non-matric class is right for you. 


As a non-matriculated student, you may complete up to two MSW classes per semester —or 6 credits—in total at the Manhattan, Westchester, or Molloy campuses.

The following courses are available for Non-Matriculated Study. You may start in the fall or spring semester. Fall and Spring terms last 15-weeks.

  • SWGS 6040 – Integrating Human Rights and Justice in Practice
  • SWGS 6005 – Contemporary Social Welfare Policy

Not all courses are offered each semester. Check our Class Schedules to see when these classes are being held.


The cost of study for the 2024–2025 Academic Year is $1,076 per credit hour. Each course offered on a non-matriculated basis at the Graduate School of Social Service is three (3) credits. Tuition is expected to increase moderately each academic year.

If you are later admitted to the Master of Social Work degree program, non-matriculated credits will apply toward your degree. You must earn a grade of B (3.0) or higher in each class and the credits must be taken within five years of your admitted term.

Application and Registration

All students participating in graduate-level study are required to have a bachelor's degree, which does not have to be in social work.

To enroll as a non-matriculated student, complete an online application. After creating a profile:

  • Select non-matriculated study.
  • Complete the academic interest area and your demographic information.
  • Upload your transcript directly as verification of your bachelor's degree.
  • Submit the application and a $60 application fee.

Detailed instructions are available to assist you with the online application process. Please note that in order to qualify for admission to the MSW degree program one’s undergraduate degree must contain a minimum of 18 credits of liberal arts content, and must be from a regionally accredited school.  Advanced standing students are NOT eligible to take non-matriculated courses.

New non-matriculated students will be registered for their classes by an academic adviser who is available to provide information and support.  Attending a Virtual Information Session on non-matriculated study is advised in order to help you prepare for your Fordham GSS experience.  You may direct all questions about taking courses as a non-matriculated student to the Office of Admission ([email protected]).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can non matriculated classes be transferred into the matriculated program?

Yes! As long as you get a B or higher in your class(es) and you're accepted into Fordham’s MSW Program, then your credits will count towards your degree.

Are non matriculated classes available in person and online?

We only offer non-matriculated classes at our Westchester and Manhattan campuses, however if you get accepted into the online matriculated program, you can still transfer the classes in. 

How many non-matriculated classes can I register for?

You can take up to two non-matriculated classes before applying to the MSW matriculated program. 

When are non-matriculated classes offered?

We offer them in the Spring and Fall and classes are one day a week for less than two hours per week. Classes are offered during the week and on the weekends. 

Are my credits eligible for transfer if I decide that I want to apply to a different MSW program?

Many accredited MSW programs accept our non-matriculated classes, but we recommend connecting with the other schools you are considering in order to verify their policies.