M.S.W. Plans of Study

New York City’s Most Flexible M.S.W.

Our MSW program offers full-time, part-time, and advanced standing plans of study to fit our students' interests and needs. 

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What’s even better? As a Fordham GSS student, you can do all of your coursework on-campus in just one day a week, making it easier to balance work, school, and life.

Our MSW degree is a 62-credit program, broken down as follows: 

  • 48 credits of class work
  • 14 credits of fieldwork

All M.S.W. students complete a Generalist Phase, a Specialist Phase, and field education. Here's what that means:

  • This is where you build your bedrock of social work knowledge. Everyone at this level takes the same coursework, which is a great way to connect with classmates. Here are a few examples of courses you’ll take in the Generalist Phase:

    • Integrating Human Rights and Justice in Practice
    • Advanced Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis
    • Social Work Practice With Organizations and Communities

    Interested in learning more about GSS M.S.W. coursework? Read more here. 

  • This is where your M.S.W. education becomes your own. Take at least one class in each of our four domains (listed below); the rest is up to you. Here are some examples of Specialist Phase classes:

    • Social Work Practice with Substance Use Disorders
    • Fundraising
    • Health Care Policies and Advocacy

    Interested in learning more about GSS M.S.W. coursework? Read more here. 

  • MSW students complete a minimum of 950 hours of fieldwork, with 450 hours for the Generalist level and 500 for the Specialist level.

    You will work with clients, organizations, communities, and social/political systems to gain direct practice experience. Fordham has partnerships with thousands of field agency sites within the tri-state area and nationally, providing you with diverse learning opportunities.

    Learn more about field education at Fordham here.

Practice Domains

As a GSS student, you have the opportunity to pursue one of four advanced practice areas:

  • Individuals and Families: Learn how to provide direct services that address clients’ environment and overall well-being.
  • Organizations and Community: Be prepared to work effectively with entire communities and various types of organizations, including private and public companies and nonprofits.
  • Evaluation: Become a more versatile social worker as you study and apply new ideas in the field.
  • Policy Practice and Advocacy: Develop skills related to managing organizations and systems, creating policy, writing grant proposals, and obtaining funding.

Have questions? Reach out to an admissions counselor today to start formulating your plan. 

Want Some More Detail? Click on the plan of study below that fits your timeline, and start mapping your social work journey today. 

Plans of Study at Our Lincoln Center and Westchester Campuses

We offer four plans of study in which you can complete your M.S.W. degree:

Plans of Study at Our Long Island Molloy Campus

Plans of Study for Our Online Program

Additional Opportunities for On-Campus Students

Internship with the United Nations

Is policy your passion? Want to make an impact for the global good? Each year, on-campus M.S.W. students at Fordham have the opportunity to complete their internship at the United Nations in this highly competitive program. Visit the United Nations field internship webpage to learn more. 

London Summer Study Abroad Program

Learn from our colleagues across the pond! On-campus students can sign up to study in London during the summer semester, receiving a rich experience in the classroom and outside of it, learning about the origins of Settlement Houses in New York City and London. Explore London's culture and history while networking around Fordham's London Centre campus. Visit this webpage to learn more. 

Palliative Care Fellowship Program

One of the only programs of its kind in the country, this fellowship allows students to immerse themselves in the ever-growing field of aging and palliative care. Along with a tuition stipend and mentorship, students receive access to additional workshops and courses from Fordham's Continuing Education program. Learn more about the fellowship here.

PIPELINE for Youth Health Fellowship Program

Through this program, advanced-year on-campus students receive a $10,000 tuition stipend along with the ability to learn about the crucial field of behavioral health. This fellowship also offers exclusive workshops from experts in the field and display their skills through an immersive capstone project shaped by the needs of the community and population. Ready to make your impact in NYC's behavioral health field? Learn more here.