GSS Student Ambassadors

Our GSS Student Ambassadors are here to help you get a better sense of what it is like to be a MSW student here at Fordham. Whether you are a prospective applicant or a recently admitted students, our ambassadors are here to answer whatever questions you have about the Fordham student experience. Reach out to them by emailing [email protected] or by signing up for a campus tour

2022-2023 Student Ambassador Day!

Our ambassadors gathered at the Westchester Campus at the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year to complete their orientation, and we asked them why they wanted to take on the responsibility. Thinking of becoming a GSS student ambassador during your time here? Watch this video to learn more about the many benefits of the position.

Manhattan Campus Ambassadors

Amy Ortiz headshot

Name: Amy Ortiz

Hometown: Pelham Parkway, The Bronx

Undergrad College: Fordham University

Plan of Study: Part-Time 3 Year

Current Phase: Specialist

Area(s) of Interest: Community Organizing, Mental Health for Black & Brown Women

I'm a Fordham University alumnae and when thinking of the environment most important to me I remembered how great my 4 years as an undergrad were. I also had the opportunity to speak with someone with admissions and asked all the questions and knew instantly this was the program meant for me. Fordham University is one the most flexible programs to be a part of especially for someone like myself that works full time.


Cynthia Pai headshot

Name: Cynthia Pai

Hometown: Upper West Side, Manhattan

Undergrad College: University of South Florida

Plan of Study: Part-Time 3 Year

Current Phase: Specialist

Area(s) of Interest: Mental Health in Asian Communities

When deciding on M.S.W. programs, diversity was a priority for me. The unique range of student perspectives and experiences that the Fordham GSS community represented stood out to me. In addition to a diverse student population, location and flexibility were also a priority. Fordham offers several plans of study options as well as campus locations - this flexibility is so helpful when you are trying to juggle school, work, and other life responsibilities. Lastly, being part of a community that is intentionally supportive in helping students succeed was important to me and the Fordham GSS community has provided just that. 


Supriya Chabria headshot

Name: Supriya Chabria

Hometown: Upper East Side, Manhattan

Undergrad College: Delhi University

Plan of Study: Full Time 2 Year

Current Phase: Generalist

Area(s) of Interest: Interested in diversity, equity & inclusion, the immigrant experience, and women in the workplace

I chose Fordham because of the people and values. The admissions team at Fordham GSS took the time to work with me and provide guidance. These interactions made me confident that Fordham would offer a collaborative environment. Since then, I have not been disappointed. I've met students and professors in hallways, all of whom are eager to connect and work with you. It truly feels like a community with a sense of belonging.


Alyssa Gomez headshot

Name: Alyssa Gomez

Campus: University Heights, The Bronx

Undergrad College: Lehman College

Plan of Study: Advanced Standing

Current Phase: Specialist

Area(s) of Interest: Mental Health, Substance Abuse, & Clinical Practice with Individuals, Groups & Families

When applying to M.S.W. programs I took a lot of factors into consideration like diversity, flexibility, placement options, and study abroad opportunities. Fordham University had everything I was looking for but what really sold me on choosing their GSS program was how helpful the staff and GSS Student Ambassadors were from the start. They were there anytime I had a question throughout the admissions process which was very important to me. That extra support was a necessity throughout such a stressful and overwhelming process. Now being an M.S.W. student at Fordham I know I made the choice.


Jenifer Herrera headshot

Name: Jenifer Herrera

Hometown: Crotona Park East, The Bronx

Undergrad College: Lehman College

Plan of Study: Part Time 4 Year

Current Phase: Generalist

Area(s) of Interest: Different areas in social work such as women's right, elder abuse, and mental health for children

I chose Fordham University because Fordham University was one of the top rated for social work programs in NYC. I wanted to become affiliated with a school that also gives back to its community.


Nia Wallace headshot

Name: Nia Wallace

Hometown: Bushwick, Brooklyn

Undergrad College: Hunter College

Plan of Study: Part-Time 4 Year

Current Phase: Generalist

Area(s) of Interest: Community Organizing, Advocacy, and Policy

When deciding which M.S.W Program I wanted to commit to, the GSS student ambassadors were super helpful and able to answer all of my questions. I was excited to be a part of a program that's so flexible for someone who works full time as well. I knew Fordham to be a highly ranked MSW program and meeting some of the faculty at the welcome reception was such a pleasant experience. I felt right at home, and couldn't think of a better place to develop the skills to advocate for underserved communities in NYC.


Molloy Campus Ambassadors

Jackie Romero headshot

Name: Jackie Romero

Hometown: Roosevelt, Long Island

Undergrad College: Molloy University

Plan of Study: Advanced Standing

Current Phase: Specialist

Area(s) of Interest: Immigration and Mental Health

I picked Fordham University because of the partnership that it has with Molloy University. When looking into graduate programs, I knew I wanted to be closer to home, and Fordham was able to offer that in having me take social work classes on Molloy campus. The process of getting started at Fordham made me feel welcomed and supported as a student, and ultimately made the experience easier. I knew that I made the right choice in choosing Fordham.


Lindsey Trentham headshot

Name: Lindsey Trentham

Hometown: Bellmore, Long Island

Undergrad College: Molloy University

Plan of Study: Full-Time 2 Year

Current Phase: Generalist

Area(s) of Interest: Children and Mental Health

I have attended Molloy University as an undergraduate, and have fallen in love with the campus and social work professors! The Fordham/Molloy program allows me to learn MSW classes while being able to balance my time to work, study, and socialize. I have gained new insights and experiences, and I feel prepared and confident in my skills from these classes!


Westchester Campus Ambassadors

Harvey Cruz headshot

Name: Harvey Cruz

Campus: Highbridge, The Bronx

Undergrad College: Lehman College

Plan of Study: Full-Time 2 Year

Current Phase: Specialist

Area(s) of Interest: Clinical Practice with Individuals, Groups & Families

When I started applying for graduate programs Fordham was on my radar. When I contacted Fordham to ask questions about their Master of Social Work program, I instantly felt welcomed. I looked up pictures of the Westchester campus and spoke to an ambassador about their experience and started to visualize myself taking classes. I knew that this is where I wanted to be. Now that I’m here, I can’t picture a better program to learn how to be an asset and uplift individuals who are underrepresented in communities such as the Bronx New York.

Anita Raman headshot

Name: Anita Raman

Hometown: River Edge, New Jersey

Undergrad College: Rutgers University

Plan of Study: Full-Time 2 Year

Current Phase: Specialist

Area(s) of Interest: Clinical Practice with Individuals, Groups & Families

Attending a reputable program and a program that offered in person classes within close proximity to my home were the two major components I considered when selecting a program. Fordham has a highly ranked MSW program and conveniently offers courses at their Westchester campus. The curriculum, convenience of different campus locations, and faculty staff all contributed to my decision to attend Fordham. 


Jacob Mercado headshot

Name: Jacob Mercado

Hometown: Yorktown Heights, Westchester

Undergrad College: Dominican University

Plan of Study: Full-Time 2 Year

Current Phase: Generalist

Area(s) of Interest: Criminal Justice, School Social Work, & Community Organizing

The reason I chose Fordham is because of their profound reputation for their MSW program. While researching other MSW programs, I  found that Fordham offered a diverse learning experience. Whether students are interested in working with various populations or specializing in one area, Fordham offers the opportunity to explore other options. Additionally, after speaking with some of the faculty, alumni, and administrators, I knew this program would benefit my future. Being new to any type of school can cause a sense of Anxiety but after my exchange with a student ambassador it made me feel right at home and from there I knew I made the right choice.