Job Interview Tips for GSS Alumni

Landing an interview is the first step, but you need to go beyond the usual to impress your potential employer and grab the job. Given below are a few tips to help you stand out in an interview and improve your chances of success.

Be Prepared

Preparation is key to succeeding in an interview. Make sure you know as much as possible about the agency by reading their website, any news regarding them, and learning about projects they’re working on. If possible, learn the background of the person interviewing you, as well.

Show Your Skills

The best way to illustrate that your skills complement the position is to provide samples of your previous achievements that are relevant and succinct. Practice explaining each sample so you’re prepared to discuss them.

Less is More

While it's good to be enthusiastic, energetic, and positive during your interview, don't overdo it. You should never exaggerate your skills and experience; it will become evident if you get the job but can’t perform those functions. Know your strengths and weaknesses – saying you have no weaknesses will be a red flag for the interviewer.

Always Ask Questions

Using the questions below as a guide, cater them to the agency and person you’re interviewing with. Don’t discuss salary or benefits unless the interviewer initiates the conversation.

Connect With the Interviewer

How did you join the company? What makes you stay? What has this company taught you?

Learn About the Work Environment

What makes the department I'd be working in successful?

I've done my homework on the company, but I'd love to hear you describe the corporate culture here in your own words.

What makes this a great place to work?

What traits do you feel a person needs to be successful at this company?

How does the company measure its success? What evaluation criterion do they use?

What are the greatest strengths of this company and the department I'd be working for?

Ask for Feedback

If I could add/change anything about myself and my experience to make me a better fit for the position and the company, what would it be?

What are the next steps in the hiring process?

Focus on Your Potential

Emphasize what traits and skills you possess to succeed at the job, rather than focusing on areas in which you lack. If you don’t have any relevant past experiences or accomplishments, highlight your ability to learn quickly and adapt easily. Your confidence in your ability to do the job well will make an impact on the interviewer.