Gregory Acevedo

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Associate Professor
Phone: 212-636-6644
Email: [email protected]
Office: Lincoln Center 503D

  • PhD in Social Work, Bryn Mawr College Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research (2001)

    MS in Psychological Services in Education, University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education (1987)

    BA in Psychology, University of Pennsylvania (1985)

  • Social policy

    Community-engaged teaching and learning

    Community-based research

    Puerto Rican and Latino/Latina/ Latinx studies

  • Dr. Greg Acevedo is an Associate Professor and BASW Program Director. Much of Dr. Acevedo’s scholarly work has focused on the political, economic, and socio-cultural well-being of Puerto Ricans and those who are categorized within the Hispanic/Latino/Latina/Latinx rubrics or self-identify as being a member of any of these categories. Dr. Acevedo’s work underscores how macro level issues and social problems, such as globalization, human migration, poverty, and inequality, manifest themselves at the level of community, particularly communities that have experienced long-standing marginalization. Dr. Acevedo’s scholarly interests include a focus on the settlement house movement in London and New York City and how current settlement house practices have developed within their national and local contexts. Dr. Acevedo’s scholarly interests also center on community-engaged teaching and learning and community-based research in the Bronx, NY. Currently, Dr. Acevedo is participating in a two-year, grant-funded Participatory Action Research project that investigates whether young Londoners receive the emotional support they need from their families in the context of the current cost-of-living crisis. The study seeks to better understand the relationships between young Londoners and their families and their consequences for young people’s health and development. The project is a collaboration among partners from the voluntary sector, academia, and London’s political, health and social care system. Before beginning his academic career, Dr. Acevedo trained in family therapy at the Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic and practiced as a certified family therapist in various children and family settings and mental health agencies.

  • Acevedo, G. (2020). Latinx in the public square: Understanding persons of Hispanic or Latino origin through the prism of United States immigration policy. In J. H. Schiele (Ed.), Social welfare policy: Regulation and resistance among people of color (2nd ed., pp. 50-73). San Diego, CA: Cognella Academic Publishing.

  • Fordham University Center for Community Engaged Learning Faculty-Led Initiative Award - 2021-2022 and 2022-2023

    • Principle Investigator for study of Food Pantries as a Point of Entry for Wraparound Services located in the Bronx, NY. 

    Fordham University Office of Research Interdisciplinary Research Award - 2021-2022

    • Principle Investigator for study of Food Pantries as a Point of Entry for Wraparound Services located in the Bronx, NY.
  • SWGS 7781: Poverty, Race, and the Disenfranchised (PhD Program)

    SWGS 6705: Comparative Social Welfare Policy and Advocacy 

    SWGS 6702: Advanced Integrated Policy Practice

    SWGS 6005: Contemporary Social Welfare Policy 

    SWGS 6040: Integrating Human Rights and Justice in Practice

    HPRH 1104: Bronx Exploration: History, Economy, and Culture (Fordham College Rose Hill Honors Program)


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    Acevedo, G. (2011, December 19). Somehow…someday!. Huffington Post-Latino Voices.