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The Children and Family Institute offers our social work and child welfare research resources and expertise to national, state, local and professional organizations. Some recent research activities include the:

  • Implementation and Evaluation of the Westchester Building Futures' BraveLife Intervention (BLI).
    For a review of BLI training and evaluation material
  • Evaluation of a clinical model for child welfare supervisors.
  • Study of a practice innovation deploying child welfare supervisors in foster care differentially to enhance engagement of birth parents with services.
  • Study of the implementation of standardized trauma assessment measures in agencies providing mental health services for children.
  • Evaluation of a training system change project for child welfare staff working with youth transiting out of foster care.
  • Evaluation of sexual abuse training for adoption, foster care, and preventive service staff.
  • Evaluation of organizational capacity to provide trauma-sensitive services to children, adolescents, and their families.