Executive Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership Courses

The Executive Education Certificate Program for Nonprofit Leaders is designed to improve business, management, and program knowledge, and expand professional credentials. The certificate from the Fordham Center for Nonprofit Leaders will help strengthen your position at the forefront of the nonprofit field.

The vision of the nonprofit world is to serve as the public's conscience.

The dynamic program consists of three consecutive all-day sessions covering:

Organization Management
Setting goals and objectives; the strategic plan from discussion to development, adoption, and implementation.

Organization Budgeting
Creating institutional and program budgets; monitoring expenses and revenue through regular reports; the annual audit.

Program Development
Creating and evaluating programs that carry out the strategic plan and can respond to new opportunities.

Proposal Writing
Creating the proposal for public or private funders that has the best chance of succeeding.

Doing special events and corporate, foundation, and individual solicitations.

Staff Management
Establishing department and individual goals; motivation and evaluation.

Board Development
Motivating and supporting trustees; identifying new trustees.

Public Advocacy
The importance of, and how to go about, advocating and lobbying for a nonprofit organization.

Public Relations and Marketing
How to use the media—print, radio, TV, and the Web—to grow public awareness of and involvement with your nonprofit organization.

Personal Communications
How to handle any audience as though your career depends on it; dealing with the media—print, electronic and Internet.