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Which MSW Program is Right for Me?

On-campus, Hybrid, or Online, which MSW Program is Right for Me?

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Fordham’s MSW degree is highly flexible. We offer on-campus programs at three campuses--Lincoln Center, Westchester, and Long Island--a hybrid campus-online program, and a fully online program, but which is right for you?

Some things to consider when deciding what program to pursue:

What are my time constraints? Am I good at time management?
Some people choose online options because they believe it will be easier than traditional face-to-face courses, but in fact, online courses take a significant amount of time, effort, and discipline. Taking an online class is like having a part-time job. According to the United States Department of Education, one credit hour requires 37.5 hours of student involvement, so a three-credit class will take over 100 hours of your time. While you may be able to log in at times of your choosing, each course will also include deadlines for participation and assignment submission.

If you are already busy with a lot of responsibilities, you may want to consider an on-campus program due to the accountability and structure that spending face-to-face time with a professor in a classroom offers

How do I communicate best? Face-to-face or in writing?
To be successful in an online course, you will have to be very comfortable expressing yourself in writing. Most of your communication with instructors, your advisor, and classmates will be by email and on discussion boards. Even though you’re not physically present with them, engaging on a regular basis with both the instructor and the other students will help you get the most out of your online course.

If you prefer expressing yourself verbally and enjoy the give-and-take of a discussion in real time, then consider a traditional classroom.

Am I an active or passive learner?
Online courses require active learning. They rely heavily on reading and visual communication that you will have to read or watch. And you will have to actively participate in online discussions and ask questions. Students who need extra guidance must take the initiative to seek out help.

If you prefer sitting in a classroom and taking notes while listening to an instructor, the on-campus program is best for you.

Do I have the right technology? Am I open to learning new technologies?
To pursue an online degree, you must have a desktop or laptop computer with a current operating system and reliable access to the Internet, including an up-to-date web browser. Online courses cannot be completed on mobile phones. Additionally, you must have a comfort level with the technology and a willingness to learn new ones, if need be.

Still Unsure?

Give us a call at 212-636-6600 or drop us an email at and we’ll help you make this important decision.