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Graduate School of Social Service Diploma Ceremony

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

 students throwing caps into air on graduation day


How to Apply to Graduate

Diploma Application Instructions


To enter a request for a diploma, please follow these instructions carefully:

1. Enter

2. Click on the "Student" tab on the top of the portal page.

3. Click on the "Banner Self-Service" folder in the "My Information" box.

4. Click on the "Student" folder.

5. Click on the "Student Records" folder.

6. Click on "Apply to Graduate."

7. Select a term to determine curriculum for graduation application. If graduation term is not listed, select LATEST term from pull-down menu. You will be given an opportunity to enter your correct diploma date in a later step. Click "Submit."

8. Select the curriculum that applies to you. If you are earning more than one degree or certificate, you will need to fill-out an application for each one. Click "Continue." NOTE: If more than one curriculum is listed, choose the one that correctly reflects your current curriculum. If none are correct, DO NOT continue. Please see your Dean to correct the records. Once this has been done, please revisit this site and apply.

9. Select a date for your diploma. Click "Continue." August graduates should enter August 9 and the appropriate year.

10. Choose whether or not you would like to attend the ceremony. Click "Yes," "No," or "Undecided." Click "Continue."

11. Select a name for your diploma from the pull-down menu. Click "Continue."

12. Ensure that the name for your diploma is spelled correctly. Edit, if needed. Then, click "Continue."

13. Select a mailing address for your diploma from the pull-down menu. Click "Continue."

14. Ensure that the mailing address for your diploma is presented correctly. Edit, if needed. Then, click "Continue."

15. Review the graduation application summary. Make sure all details are correct. If everything is correct, click "Submit Request."

16. After you successfully complete step 15, a page should appear, stating "Your graduation application has been submitted successfully. Please review your DegreeWorks audit to make sure you have completed the requirements necessary for graduation."

17. You may now exit the page.