Commencement Logos and Photos

Fordham Name Logo.

Various Fordham University logos and photos are available for Commencement via Libris, our image database. Logos are available in both EPS and JPEG formats. To access the logos or photos, sign in using the following password: Fordham.

Click the button below, click ‘Collection password’, enter: Fordham, and click 'Authenticate' to access the images.

Download Commencement Logos

Lawn or Window Signs

Take this template to your local printer to create a large lawn or window sign. You can also print it at home and post wherever you would like.

Download the Lawn or Window Signs

Commencement-2023-Lawn-Signs 01

Commencement-2023-Lawn-Signs 02

Commencement-2023-Lawn-Signs 03

Commencement-2023-Lawn-Signs 04

Commencement-2023-Lawn-Signs 05

Commencement-2023-Lawn-Signs 06

Commencement-2023-Lawn-Signs 07

Commencement-2023-Lawn-Signs 08

Commencement-2023-Lawn-Signs 09

Commencement-2023-Lawn-Signs 10

Commencement-2023-Lawn-Signs 11

Commencement-2023-Lawn-Signs 12

Pennant Banners

Download, print, and cut out the letters you want. Each flag can be printed on its own 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. Then punch holes in the top two corners of each flag, string them into a garland, and hang it up.

Coloring Pages

Print out these Fordham-themed, stained-glass-inspired images and color them in your own style!

Instagram Story Templates

Graduates post a photo of yourself with your cap and gown, with your family, in Fordham gear, or however you would like to celebrate graduation. Download your school's template below.

Download the InstaStories

Commencement 2023-InstaStories-Maroon-and-Silver_Page_01

Commencement 2023-InstaStories-Maroon-and-Silver_Page_02

Commencement 2023-InstaStories-Maroon-and-Silver_Page_03

Commencement 2023-InstaStories-Maroon-and-Silver_Page_04

Commencement 2023-InstaStories-Maroon-and-Silver_Page_05

Commencement 2023-InstaStories-Maroon-and-Silver_Page_06

Commencement 2023-InstaStories-Maroon-and-Silver_Page_07

Commencement 2023-InstaStories-Maroon-and-Silver_Page_08

Commencement 2023-InstaStories-Maroon-and-Silver_Page_09

Commencement 2023-InstaStories-Maroon-and-Silver_Page_10

Commencement 2023-InstaStories-Maroon-and-Silver_Page_11

Commencement 2023-InstaStories-Maroon-and-Silver_Page_12

Commencement 2023-InstaStories-Maroon-and-Silver_Page_13