Safety, Health, and Wellness

We’re here when you need us.

Two female students stretching in rain - LG

No matter how ready you are for college, there’s going to come a time when something throws you off your stride. Maybe you’ll get flattened by a cold. Maybe you need to work on some time-management techniques so you can get that workout in.

We know. That’s why we’re here to give you a hand.

Trying to get a handle on living in New York City? Our Department of Public Safety is always looking out for you - they can give you some tips. Having a hard time eating well, because you’re buried in classes and pretty much always on the run? We can help you develop a nutrition plan. Just feeling homesick and want to talk with somebody? Let it out with one of our counselors.

If you’re going to be your best in the classroom, you’ve got to be at your best physically and emotionally, too. We want to help you get there. When we talk about nurturing the whole person, that starts with your safety, health and well-being. So explore what we can offer. 

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