Health Services

Health Services Mission Statement

University Health Services provides accessible and high-quality health care services to Fordham University Students. It is our goal that students will develop an understanding of dealing with their own health, both physical and mental. We provide education to students with the expectation that this knowledge will enable them to live healthy lifestyles, promote wellness, and enable them to achieve academically, spiritually, and socially. Our medical team recognizes and welcomes the uniqueness of our students and we respect human diversity in all its forms. We are members of the Ally Network of Support and we are committed to providing an inclusive environment for all. We assist our students in developing moral and ethical values and characteristics that reflect the Jesuit tradition in regard to health promotion and illness prevention.


Health Centers are located on both the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses. We serve the Fordham community with a host of services including primary care, physical examinations, allergy clinic, immunizations, laboratory, travel clinic, and more.

Emergency Medical Services at Fordham University is equipped and ready to provide immediate emergency medical care to the Rose Hill community.

Patient Bill of Rights

You have the right to: 

  • Access Fordham University's facilities and services.
  • Receive considerate, respectful, age-appropriate, and private care that maintains your dignity and incorporates your values and beliefs.
  • Receive complete and understandable information about your diagnosis, treatment options, alternatives, risks, and prognosis.
  • Expect health education regarding your health needs.
  • Express pain needs and expects effective pain management.
  • Make choices regarding treatment plans and options, and healthcare providers.
  • Withdraw consent for treatment except as provided by law.
  • Request an estimate of charges prior to receiving non-emergent care.
  • Expect reasonable coordination of care between Fordham providers as well as referrals outside the facility.
  • Know the name and professional status of those with whom you interact.
  • Expect effective communication that maintains confidentiality.
  • Expect confidentiality of your medical record.
  • Access your medical record for review.
  • Expect a safe and secure environment for yourself and your property while receiving care.
  • Register a complaint or concern regarding care or service with an Office Manager, your Provider, or the Patient Representative without fear of reprisal or discrimination.
  • Request an explanation of all billing charges and billing procedures.
  • Expect a timely resolution of your health care and/or billing concerns.

You have the responsibility to:

  • Provide accurate and complete health information to your provider.
  • Ask questions about anything not understood.
  • Participate with your provider in deciding on your plan of care and then follow that plan.
  • Report promptly to your provider any worsening of your condition or any unexpected reaction to a medication.
  • Accept responsibility for refusing treatment or for not following the treatment plan.
  • Use prescriptions given to you only for yourself.
  • Provide accurate insurance information and know what the insurance plan covers.
  • Pay bills promptly.
  • Show respect to your provider and all Fordham staff with whom you interact as well as other patients.
  • Contact an Office Manager, your Provider, or the Patient Representative if you are not satisfied with your care or service; any Fordham staff member can direct you to these people.