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Welcome to Fordham University Intramurals! We provide up-to-date schedules, results, rules and special announcements.

Who Can Play

Fordham University Athletics prides itself on a recreational sports program tailored to the needs of the student body, faculty, and staff. Any member of the Fordham University community may compete in Intramural events.

Sign Up or Join a Sport

Please follow the directions on how to create a team or join an existing one.


The spirit of Intramural competition is fun. Rules of conduct and fair play aid in that goal. You are responsible for knowing and understanding all the Rules of Intramurals and individual sports before beginning league play. Intramural supervisors and game officials adhere to and enforce all Intramural rules.

Important Intramural League Dates

Intramural Leagues

LeaguesFinal DeadlineStart Date
6v6 Volleyball (Open League) February 23 February 14
5v5 Basketball (Open, Men's and Women's Leagues) February 23 February 14
Flag Football (Open, Men's and Women's Leagues) March 22 March 7
Outdoor Soccer (Open League) March 22 March 7


eSport Leagues
LeagueConsolesFinal DeadlineStart Date
Madden NFL 22 PlayStation, XBox March 2 February 14
NBA 2K22 PlayStation, XBox March 2 February 14
Mario Kart 8 Nintendo Switch March 2 February 14