Graduate Education at Fordham University

Seven Top Graduate Schools In NYC

Our seven graduate and professional schools in the heart of New York City are deeply rooted in the Jesuit tradition of continually seeking knowledge and wisdom that can be applied to the big problems of our time.

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Our programs are marked by a strong focus on research, mentorship by respected faculty, and curricula that reflect the growth of new industries and current challenges facing the global community.

When you choose Fordham for your graduate education, you’re choosing to become part of a long tradition of academic excellence–and a community of people committed to becoming agents of change.

Featured Areas of Academic Strength

Health and Wellbeing
Building healthy communities is part of our DNA. Explore Degree Programs
Data and Technology
We're tech-savvy with an eye on ethics. Explore Degree Programs
Business and Industry
We'll help you drive growth and meaningful change. Explore Degree Programs