St. Ignatius: Founder of the Jesuits

St. Ignatius Loyola, Founder of the Society of JesusNearly 500 years ago, Ignatius of Loyola was a Spanish knight. In the wake of an injury he sustained in battle, Ignatius came to study the lives of the saints, and carefully examined the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Uncertain of the path on which his own life would proceed, he found peace and discovered meaningful direction in his own deep reflections. Ignatius ultimately came to the enlightened realization that his life was to be measured in things far greater than riches, honor, and fame. Inspired by the life stories of the saints and transformed by Jesus’ lasting example, he devoted his life’s energy and purpose to the service of God and others. Ignatius eventually established an order within the Catholic tradition, a religious community he called the Society of Jesus, more commonly known as the Jesuits.


Ignatius was a man of great passion, and so he exhorted his young Jesuits to think boldly, to imagine creatively, to love enthusiastically, to labor tirelessly, and to give generously. That vision has endured for centuries and ardently persists here at Fordham University amid the hurried pace of New York City.

At Fordham, students from all different backgrounds and faith traditions gather to learn and to live. As a Jesuit university, we invite teachers and students alike to find God in all things: in our studies, work, and recreation. In the encounter with truth, beauty, and goodness, we discern the fingerprints of God.  We seek to revel in creation and celebrate it with an undying gratitude and humility, just as Ignatius so passionately encouraged his original followers to do.

Your destination may be as unknown as it was for Ignatius, but your starting point is clear: right here at Fordham, with other pilgrims, both young and old, you, too can seek a life marked by learning, service, and faith!