Our Flourishing in Community Team

Directed by Julie Gafney, Ph.D., author of “Our Common Home,” the Center for Community Engaged Learning plays a crucial role in facilitating resource sharing, mutual goal setting, and regular communication among our community members who are involved in sustainability initiatives. The Center for Community Engaged Learning, which will serve as a central hub for the Flourishing in Community team, empowers organizations to improve community well-being through a proactive, collaborative environmental action plan that actively works to improve community well-being through environmental conservation.


Headshot of Julie Gafney

Julie L. Gafney, PhD

Principal Investigator and Project Director

Surey Miranda-Alarcon

Surey Miranda

Co-Principal Investigator and Project Director

Wanda Salaman

Wanda Salaman

Chair, Community Leadership Board

Statutory Partners

Flourishing in Community has brought together trusted partners with a broad geographical outreach across Region 2, encompassing a diversity of community members who are committed to collective action and sustainable development. Our statutory partners are renowned for their extensive community organizing experience and successful collaboration with Fordham:

  • Murad Awadeh, Executive Director, New York Immigration Coalition 
  • Amy Torres, Executive Director, New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice
  • Isabel Rullán, Executive Director, ConPRmetidos
  • Dee Brown, Executive Director, Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands
  • Rafael Roger, President, Business Initiative Corporation of New York