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Rose Hill

McShane Campus Center

CMCE Suite 215
Phone: 718-817-4500
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Lincoln Center
Lowenstein 217
New York, NY 10023
Phone: 212-636-6267
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Room 133
400 Westchester Ave.
West Harrison, NY 10604
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Campus Ministry Staff

Executive and Rose Hill Staff

Contact Information: Lito

Rev. Jose Luis Salazar, SJ is in his eighth year as Executive Director of Campus Ministry. Residing with 120 First Year students in Loyola Hall has been a vital and enriching part of his priestly ministry. Lito wasn’t always a Jesuit. He worked for a decade as a chemical engineer for Royal Dutch Shell in Manila and in The Hague before entering religious life in London. He taught Theology at Xavier in Manhattan, at St. Peter’s Prep, and at St. Peter’s University in Jersey City. Lito completed his doctoral studies on Bernard Lonergan SJ in Nijmegen University in The Netherlands. When he gets away from campus, he visits family in NJ. (Warning: no jokes about which parkway exit!) Lito loves relaxing with family dogs Luna and Moose. 

Executive Director of Campus Ministry
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 718-817-4503
McShane Campus Center, CMCE 214

Available for: General Campus Ministry, Spiritual Direction, Post Graduate Volunteer Discernment, Sacramental Ministry (Reconciliation), Pastoral Counseling, Drop-In Ministry, Social Justice Advocacy, Priesthood Discernment.

 Contact Information: Gil 

Gil Severiano is often found in the Campus Ministry office in the New McShane Campus Center with her amazing team of student interns. Together they help to bring forth Campus Ministry events, programs and ministries. Gil is passionate about advising the Pedro Arrupe Volunteers alongside Carol Gibney and provide opportunities for students to engage with the New York City community and have meaningful conversations about issues of our times. One of her favorite projects is the annual Day of Service at the Bronx is Blooming because no one loves to shovel "mulch" with 80 students more than her! Married to her high school sweetie, Jorge, she is a proud mother of three humans (Lauren, Gabi GSB MS 21' and Alex FCRH 14'). She loves traveling (especially Portugal and Italy), gardening, cooking and entertaining, and her favorite event in CM is the annual Mardi Gras party! If you are in the new McShane Campus Center, come up and say hi!

Director of Campus Ministry Operations, Budget, and Community Engagement 
Email:[email protected]
Phone: 718-817-4502
McShane Campus Center, CMCE 215

Available for: General Campus Ministry, Social Justice Advocacy

Katie Anderson Kuo, as the Campus Minister for Liturgy, is a big fan of incense, hymns, and stained glass, but just as big a fan of finding God in unexpected places, whether it’s a quiet corner of the Botanical Gardens or the busy hum of Fordham Road. Katie has worked in ministry in a variety of settings: community organizing, accompanying and advocating for immigrants, coordinating disaster response teams, and, here at Fordham, working with student volunteers and leaders to coordinate prayerful, peaceful, and joyful Masses in our Church and chapels. She is also a resident minister for Martyrs’ Court Jogues, home of the Science Integrated Learning Community. She is most passionate about empowering students to discover their own spirituality, creativity, and wisdom. You can often find Katie in her Church basement lair —erm, office— but when she’s not there, she’s either creating a work of art, taking a walk with her family, or on a gustatory tour of the world. Katie grew up in “Small Wonder,” Delaware, home of farmstand peaches, winding hiking trails, and gorgeous beaches, and has trouble believing that she’s now been a New Yorker for ten years. She lives in the Bronx with her husband and their two tiny humans.

Assistant Director of Campus Ministry for Liturgical Ministry
Email:[email protected]
Phone: 718-817-0588
University Church 01

Available for: General Campus Ministry, Post Graduate Volunteer Discernment, Drop-In Ministry, Social Justice Advocacy


Carol Gibney is beginning her 20th year working at Fordham in the Office of Campus Ministry. She is a native New Yorker who grew up in the Bronx and continues to reside in the lovely Riverdale community in the Bronx. In addition to directing retreats, offering pastoral ministry and various programs, she oversees a community engagement/service program called the Pedro Arrupe Volunteers where she works with a student council to set up service opportunities and organize conversations and dialogues around issues of justice through the lens of faith. Carol also offers weekly Ignatian Spirituality and Yoga sessions, as she is a certified yoga teacher.  Carol works at both the Lincoln Center and Rose Hill campuses and declares her emphatic love of love!!

Director, Office of Campus Ministry Solidarity and Leadership
Email:[email protected]
Phone: 718-817-4518
McShane Campus Center, CMCE 213

Available for: General Campus Ministry, Spiritual Direction, Post Graduate Volunteer Discernment, Pastoral Counseling, Drop-In Ministry, Social Justice Advocacy

 Contact Information: John 

John Gownley's main role is the care of Fordham University Church.  He works with campus custodians, carpenters, facilities team and ground crew to keep the city landmark and the seat of our Catholic roots a beautiful and prayerful environment for all.  In addition to supporting all Catholic masses on campus, John assists with any and all special events that may occur in the University Church. More recently, he has taken on responsibilities of working with alumni who are preparing for marriage in the beautiful city landmark that is the University Church. He works with the liturgy staff to train a team of student sacristans who are entrusted with preparing the altar for Mass in our Church, residence halls and daily chapels.  Over the years John has provided his guidance and passion towards social justice by chaperoning World Youth Day/MAGIS in Brazil (2013) and Poland (2016) and the upcoming Portugal (2023) as well as a chaperone for the Ignatian Family Teach-in and GO! Projects here in New York City and Nicaragua. As a resident of the Upper East Side you can catch him on the (4) train or engaging with alumni who live in the neighborhood. It is through his own faith journey and studies that he feels called to provide a prayerful environment for all our students.

Assistant Director of Campus Ministry for Church Operations and Special Events
Email:[email protected]
Phone: 718-817-4518
McShane Campus Center, CMCE 215

Available for: General Campus Ministry, Post Graduate Volunteer Discernment, Drop-In Ministry, Social Justice Advocacy

Contact Information: Robert M

Mr. Robert Minotti began his tenure at Fordham in the Fall of 1990. He is the first full time director of liturgical music for the University Church and the founder of the Schola Cantorum, the first student led choir to participate at the 11:00 Mass at the Church. In addition to liturgical music, Robert directs the Fordham University Choir. Robert’s position at Fordham as a choral director’s “dream job.” As an organist, Robert is blessed that in 2012 the University showed its commitment to liturgical music by installing a world class new pipe organ -the Maior Dei Gloria Organ. When not making music Robert enjoys reading a good book, cooking (mostly italian), gardening, and the opera. .

Director of Campus Ministry for Liturgical Music
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 718-817-4504
Fax: 718-817-4505
McShane Campus Center, CMCE 215

Available For: General Campus Ministry, Organ Lessons.


Contact Information: Joan

Dr. Joan Cavanagh, PHD Senior Director for Spirituality and Solidarity. 

Joan has ministered to the faculty, students, and staff at all three of Fordham’s campuses. She loves helping people to find God in the midst of their ordinary lives and struggles. She feels it is a privilege to accompany students, faculty, and staff on their unique life journeys. Joan enjoys wearing many hats in her work. She serves as advisor and supports students in our faith-based student clubs and is always on the lookout for opportunities for Interfaith gatherings. She accompanies members of the community who have suffered the loss of a loved one as they work through their grief.  As a member of the LGBTQ+community, Joan is in a unique position to offer pastoral support to queer students.  She is available for pastoral conversations and spiritual direction with students, faculty and staff. Joan brings her energy, enthusiasm, and the wisdom gained from many years in Campus Ministry at Fordham. She looks forward to joining you on your journey! Please stop by and say hello!


Senior Director of Campus Ministry for Spiritual and Pastoral Ministries,                          

Director of Campus Ministry at Westchester Campus

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 914-367-3420
McShane Campus Center, CMCE 212 and Westchester 133

Available for: General Campus Ministry, Spiritual Direction, Pastoral Counseling, Bereavement, Prayer Services, LGBTQ Ministry, Presentations on Ignatian Spirituality, Post Graduate Volunteer Discernment.

 Contact Information: Roddy

Stephanie Roddy, or Roddy as most people know her is ecstatic to work with this year's retreat leaders and accompanying retreatant on multiple retreats this year.  She loves nature and enjoys taking long walks outside near the water and trees.  When not on retreats, Roddy loves to read, make art, and connect with friends.  Roddy hopes that you will join us on one our Retreats this year!  Stop by the New McShane Campus Center to say hello!

Director of Spiritual Retreat Ministries
Email:[email protected]
Phone: 718-817-4539
McShane Campus Center, CMCE 232

Available For: General Campus Ministry, Social Justice Advocacy, Post Graduate Volunteer Discernment, and Drop-in Ministry




Lincoln Center Staff

 CM Donna resized

Donna Lajoux has worked as the secretary of Campus Ministry Lincoln Centersince 2014.  She was born and raised in lower Manhattan's Chinatown and currently lives in the Bronx.  Donna has two beautiful daughters, the oldest who is a registered nurse, and the youngest who works in finance and recently earned a masters from Fordham's Gabelli School of Business.  Donna loves being part of the Fordham Family.

Executive Secretary
Email:[email protected]
Phone: 212-636-6267
Lowenstein 217

 Contact Information: Erin

Erin Hoffman is starting her 12th year at Fordham!  She lives with her family in McMahon hall at Fordham Lincoln Center, where her main goal is to help students thrive during their time at Fordham.  She facilitates Campus Ministry initiatives and partnerships for LC, which include interfaith initiatives, social justice conversations and programs, liturgy and spirituality events, and peer ministry, among others.  Erin loves all things, well, most things, politics and won't shy away from an opportunity to have an engaging conversation about current events, social justice, and civic engagement (vote!).  Perhaps this comes from her background studying international politics and foreign policy in college or social work with a global practice focus in graduate school.  Erin is a proud (and tired) mom to 3 young kids who are very excited to have students return to McMahon hall and delight in saying hi to everyone they meet.  If you find one of them wandering solo on campus, please return to Campus Ministry or McMahon 6G!

Director of Campus Ministry for Lincoln Center
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 212-636-6318
Lowenstein 217A

Available for: General Campus Ministry, Post Graduate Volunteer Discernment, Pastoral Counseling, Drop-In Ministry, Social Justice Advocacy.

Our Interns

CM Intern Alessandra Carino

Alessandra Carino is currently a senior at Fordham College Rose Hill double majoring in Italian Studies and Theology, with a concentration in American Catholic Studies. In the CM office, she is the Sacramental Coordinator, or in other words the weddings intern. As a self-proclaimed love lover, this job has been so rewarding and special to Alessandra as she helps members of  Fordham Community plan their special day. In addition to this, she is also involved in Campus Ministry as a retreat leader and liturgical minister. On-campus she also is the president of the Commuting Student's Association, a tour guide, and more. Alessandra's time in Campus Ministry is always time well spent, and she loves being able to help walk with her peers in their spiritual journeys.


student intern for campus ministry in a field of sunflowers

Kelsie McSweeney is a Senior at FCRH studying IPE, Italian, and Economics. She has been a part of the Campus Ministry family for two years and it's been the best part of her college experience. Whether you need a shoulder to cry on, a friend to laugh with, or just want to explore, Kelsie thinks the office of Campus Ministry has something to offer everyone!




CM Intern Susan Fu

Susan Fu is a junior at FCLC who's majoring in English. As a CM intern since her sophomore year, she is often busy drafting the weekly newsletter, designing flyers on Canva, or causing a candy shortage in the office. In her free time, you can find her window shopping for cute stickers and stationery, catching up on her favorite webtoons, or spending too much time on her favorite games. She hopes that more people can get involved with CM's events and activities (there's a big variety!) and find another home here with the people they meet!



CM Intern Melvin Martinez

Melvin Martinez is a junior majoring in Engineering Physics at FCRH. He is a Bronx native and commutes everyday to school with the help of his legs. On campus, he is constantly participating in various Campus Ministry projects and events, as well as practicing for performances with Candela, Fordham’s Latinx Dance Team. He loves playing the bass guitar and his 12-string guitar in his downtime, as well as playing soccer or thrifting in the city too. If you ever want to discuss science, music, hidden gems around the city to visit, or how to get involved on campus, please feel free to reach out to him!


CM Intern James Haddad

James Haddad is a sophomore who is majoring in finance. This is his first year working in the office of Campus Ministry, and it’s been a great experience for him! As he says, "I've made new friends, gone on retreats, and volunteered with awesome groups of people."






Student Intern at Campus Ministry

Gabriel Chavarria is a Senior at FCRH majoring in Humanitarian Studies and Latin American Studies. Gabriel has been involved with Campus Ministry since his junior year, where he has been assisting with whatever the community needs. He is excited to continue his work at Campus Ministry and to welcome new students to the Campus Ministry Community!





Student Intern at Campus Ministry JENN

 Jennifer Perez is a sophomore at FCRH majoring in environmental science on the pre-vet track. She loves spending her time helping PAUS to raise funds for underprivileged animals. She is volunteering at animal shelters in her spare time, and catching up on comedies or romcoms whenever she can. 




paige finley, an intern for Campus Ministry, poses outside in a dance pose

Paige Finley is a sophomore double majoring in dance at The Ailey School and Political Science in FCLC. Paige has been participating in Campus Ministry since her very first month on campus going on retreats, working as a PAV council member and peer minister, and attending mass. Whether it be at Ailey, Steps on Broadway, or choreographing and performing with Fordham’s Splinter musical theater group, Paige is always dancing! In free time, you can find Paige volunteering at Xavier Mission, dropping off groceries at the Chelsea Community Fridge, or waiting in line at 5 AM for rush tickets to any Broadway show. Paige is so excited to be a part of the love and joy in Campus Ministry! 

Will, an intern for campus ministry wears ram costume

Will Gualtiere is a second year student at FCLC double majoring in Film and TV and English. Will has been involved with Campus Ministry programs since his freshman year of high school and now participates in Fordham’s CM activities as a retreat leader as well as a new Peer Minister. Outside of CM, Will is a student ambassador and tour guide for Fordham and is also is on the Splinter Musical Theater club’s E-Board. Off campus Will spends his weekends often attending a Broadway show, volunteering at Xavier Mission, or on some weekends even camping for SNL tickets! Will can’t wait to begin his work with CM and get better acquainted with this great community!